Triple “C” wings – Mama Ji’s

Triple "C" wings - Mama Ji's
Crispy, caramelized, chili wings. $12.95
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

These wings were great! They were sticky and packed with flavor. What wasn’t great was the slow-ass service at this place. I could have butchered my own chicken and cooked it myself before this arrived at the table.

Shanghai dumplings – Mama Ji’s

Shanghai dumplings - Mama Ji's
Xiao long bao soup dumplings served with sweet soy sauce and ginger. $3.75
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

I love XLB partly because they’re SO fun to eat. People have always warned me of the ones served in aluminum containers though because the dumpling wrapper tends to stick and break, and I’ve learned first hand that this is certainly true. So when these arrived to the table, I was already skeptical. Low and behold, they did break and not because of my amateur chopsticks-handling. What I could eat in one bite was good, but I would have loved for them to stay intact.

Chongqing chicken – Mama Ji’s

Chongqing chicken - Mama Ji's
Pieces of chicken are fried first then cooked with chilies and Sichuan peppercorns. $10.95
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

This small Castro restaurant is really quirky. It was opened by a husband/wife combo (Belgian? and Chinese) and the food is pretty good. I hear the Belgian beers are also really good. The service, however, was random and there were long stretches of unneeded waiting – NOT COOL!

This chicken dish was nice and spicy and I appreciated that the chicken pieces were large and recognizable as chicken instead of the heavily breaded alternatives. Some of the pieces were a little hard, dry and overcooked though. And please get those waitresses to move with purpose!

Steamed fish with “flower” bean curd – Mama Ji’s

Steamed fish with flower bean curd - Mama Ji's
In Hunan chili sauce and Sichuan spicy oil. $11.95
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

I can appreciate how Mama Ji’s is NOT afraid of keeping their dishes spicy. I do, however, have a hard time eating an entire bowl of chili oil! Sheesh, that is A LOT of oil for one dish! The fish, if you drained it a little from the oil, was tender and well-cooked though.