Har gau and Steamed special fen guo dumplings – Yauatcha

Har gau and Steamed special fen guo dumplings - Yauatcha
A Taste of Yauatcha menu £28.88 for 2 people
Yauatcha, London ENGLAND

These were more your typical dim sum dumpling items so this steam tray was more familiar than the others (and maybe a little more boring). The two kinds of dumplings were actually really good though. The har gow is a tried and true standard. I’m not completely sure what all was in the fen guo dumpling, but I would guess it was a mixture of pork, shrimp, garlic chives, mushrooms and peanuts.

Golden aster martini and Ages Vesper martini - Yauatcha
Golden aster martini: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Antica forumula sweet vermouth, Aperol, saffron, lemon and chilli syrup. £9.80
Aged Vesper martini: Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Belvedere vodka and Lillet Blanc vermouth. £9.90
These cocktails were nicely made and delicious!

Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus with cute London cabs.

Shanghai dumplings – Mama Ji’s

Shanghai dumplings - Mama Ji's
Xiao long bao soup dumplings served with sweet soy sauce and ginger. $3.75
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

I love XLB partly because they’re SO fun to eat. People have always warned me of the ones served in aluminum containers though because the dumpling wrapper tends to stick and break, and I’ve learned first hand that this is certainly true. So when these arrived to the table, I was already skeptical. Low and behold, they did break and not because of my amateur chopsticks-handling. What I could eat in one bite was good, but I would have loved for them to stay intact.

Grandma’s spicy lamb dumpings – Mission Chinese Food

Grandma's spicy lamb dumpings - Mission Chinese Food
Peanuts, dill pickles, green onion, cilantro, chili oil. $9
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

These dumplings are kind of amazing! I just wish they give you more since they’re SO delicious. The dumplings have a great shape and the wrapper has a nice bite to it. I always love the combination of salty, sour, hot, spicy, and umami in the dishes from MCF. NOMS!

Wild boar juicy dumplings – M.Y. China

Wild boar juicy dumplings - M.Y. China
Ginger, garlic, M.Y. seasoned salt. $8
M.Y. China, San Francisco CA

Ok, I did appreciate that these soup dumplings were individually spooned for easy eating. They also tasted pretty good which I wouldn’t say about some of the other dishes we had at M.Y. China.

Cobweb Buttons
‘Cobweb Buttons’ hens and chicks (Sempervivum arachnoideum, Crassulaceae), Castro Street.

Spicy seafood dumplings – M.Y. China

Spicy seafood dumplings - M.Y. China
Scallops, shrimp, spinach wrapper. $9
M.Y. China, San Francisco CA

This dish was SO mediocre that I don’t even remember ordering it. That’s not surprising because the food runners tried to drop off several dishes that we didn’t order. So perhaps we really didn’t order this in the first place. At least they were consistent with their lameness. Get a clue!

 Large wild iris/fairy iris (Dietes grandiflora, Iridaceae)

White, lavendar and yellow large wild iris/fairy iris (Dietes grandiflora, Iridaceae) flowers, Castro Street.

Gyoza – Wasabi Bistro

Gyoza - Wasabi Bistro
Japanese pot stickers with pork and vegetables inside. $5.95
Wasabi Bistro, San Francisco CA

I came here for a random weekday lunch after hitting the gym and it was pretty empty. The food was pretty good though and decently priced. These gyoza were delicious, but I rarely meet a gyoza I don’t like. Hehe.

Edamame - Wasabi Bistro
Edamame. Complimentary

Place setting - Wasabi Bistro
Place setting. Omg, I just noticed that the chopsticks are from a different restaurant. Perhaps the same owner? Tacky…

Seafood champon ramen combo – Ezogiku

Seafood champon ramen combo - Ezogiku
Topped with shrimp, squid, fishcake, and vegetables. $9.75
Ezogiku, Honolulu HI

I’ve never had champon before, and it was REALLY good! I find it difficult to describe the flavor. It was definitely seafood-y but it also had an almost creamy quality. I’ll definitely have to try it again to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors. Sorry for the messy bowl, we had started eating it before I remember to snap a pic, oops!

Gyoza - Ezogiku
Combo with gyoza. $2.25

View of downtown Honolulu
View of downtown Honolulu from the timeshare, Royal Garden Waikiki.

Miso ramen combo – Ezogiku

Miso ramen combo - Ezogiku
Ezogiku’s signature and most popular ramen. Topped with charsiu pork, fishcake, and green onion. $8.75
Ezogiku, Honolulu HI

Mmm, this totally hit the spot! I was craving carbs and salt and this delivered on both. The restaurant was packed during lunch so we had to wait for a counter seat to open up. Glad we did because the ramen was pretty good!

Gyoza - Ezogiku
Combo with gyoza. $2.25

Aloha Welcome to Hawaii
“Aloha Welcome to Hawaii” sign at Honolulu International Airport.

Crystal dumplings – Good Luck Dim Sum

Crystal dumplings - Good Luck Dim Sum
Filled with shrimp and chives. 3 for $1.60
Good Luck Dim Sum, San Francisco CA

I’m not really sure why these are called crystal dumplings since they use the same kind of wrapper on most of the other dumplings but just have a slightly different shape. Hmm… Anyway, they were still delicious, hehe!

Random wall, Divisadero Street
Random wall, Divisadero Street. I really like the color of this painted ball the random tag on one of the bricks.