Guinea hen dumplings – State Bird Provisions

Guinea hen dumplings - State Bird Provisions
With aromatic broth.
State Bird Provisions, San Francisco CA

These little dumplings were absolutely scrumptious and the broth was also amazing. I wish I had a HUGE bowl of this, noms!

USS Pampanito submarine
USS Pampanito Balao-class submarine, Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 45.


Entrees – AQ Restaurant

Guinea hen - AQ Restaurant
Guinea Hen: sweet potato, cereals and salted persimmon butter. $26
AQ Restaurant, San Francisco CA

I’m sorry, but neither of these entrees were very memorable. There was a lot of stuff on each plate but it all lacked harmony and balance. The individual components were nicely prepared, but I wasn’t excited by any of it. Lame…

Duo of beef - AQ Restaurant
Duo of Beef: black garlic, broccoli with burnt ends and cheddar. $34