Maui Zaui pizza – Round Table Pizza

Maui Zaui Round Table Pizza

Tender ham, crisp bacon, juicy pineapple, Roma tomatoes, red and green onions. Baked with a blend of 3 cheeses and their classic red sauce. Large $20.99
Round Table Pizza, San Francisco

I’ve never had the Maui Zaui, but omg, it was darn good! I don’t usually order pizza from chain restaurants unless I’m super starving and feeling really poor (hehe). There are just so many great pizza places in San Francisco – think Delfina Pizzeria, Little Star, Patxi’s, Ragazza, etc. I feel a little guilty that I enjoyed this pizza so much. The crust was on the thinner side and it was jam packed with all my favorite toppings! Noms!

Maui Zaui Round Table Pizza

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