Napoli pizza – Magnolia

Napoli pizza - Magnolia
Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies. Whole €10
Magnolia, Rome ITALY

I know that it looks like there isn’t much going on with this pizza, but it sure was tasty! I’m a big fan of anchovies (unlike a lot of people I know), but I loved this pizza. And did I mention that the service was great at this restaurant?! Unlike many of the tourist traps in Campo dei Fiori, I would actually come back to Magnolia and truly enjoy myself.

The naked pig pizza – Mahina & Sun’s

The naked pig pizza - Mahina & Sun's
Thin crust pizza, Naked Cow formage blanc, uncured bacon, Maui onion. Pau Hana with 2 Maui Brewing beers, $20
Mahina & Sun’s, Honolulu HI

I thought this pizza tasted great, but it was SO greasy! I mean disgustingly greasy! The grease just pooled underneath the pizza and got onto everything. Gross! I really liked their hot sauce though. I would never order this again if its this greasy every time.

The naked pig pizza - Mahina & Sun's