Tennessee bbq chicken flatbread – Lynchburg Legends Bar & Grill

Tennessee bbq chicken flatbread - Lynchburg Legends Bar & Grill
Cheddar-jack cheeses, bacon, red onions, chipotle ranch. $9.99
Lynchburg Legends Bar & Grill, Memphis TN

Hmm, this was really greasy but I liked the flavors enough. What I didn’t like was how SLOW the kitchen was. Other tables around us actually left because they had been waiting for their food way to long. The place wasn’t even busy. 😦

Parisian grilled flatbread pizza – Yield Wine Bar

Parisian grilled flatbread pizza - Yield Wine Bar
With caramelized onions, brie, Granny Smith apple, fresh thyme and mixed greens. Happy hour $11
Yield Wine Bar, San Francisco CA

Wow, I loved all the flavors and ingredients on this flatbread pizza, but it was WAY too soggy and difficult to eat. Between the caramelized onions, melted brie, super thin crust and overload toppings, the slices seemed to dissolve and was impossible to pick up or eat with your hands. I’m a fan of thin crusts (less carbs), but it has to be balanced with the right amount of toppings. And I guess the mixed greens never made the plate! This didn’t quite work for me. I did love the space and our server was really great and friendly though.

Asian Art Museum

Central stairway, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Beef roll ups – L’Arganier

Beef roll ups - L'Arganier
Flatbread filled with beef, cheese, tomato, pickle. Complimentary
L’Arganier, Paris FR

We had sat down outside this restaurant for a quick drink break from walking around. After we had ordered our drinks, the waitress brought us this plate of roll ups which we weren’t expecting. We really liked her and thought that this was cute. We noticed that we were the only table to get the complimentary snacks in our area and we really weren’t sure why. It’s times like this when it would’ve been great to know French. 🙂

Les Invalides
L’Hotel national des Invalides (Les Invalides). This huge complex is pretty impressive, but the Hardouin Mansart chapel dome is certainly the centerpiece.

Coca of wild nettles – Contigo

Coca of wild nettles - Contigo
Flatbread with smoked bacon, melted leeks, manchego and housemade mato cheese. $15
Contigo, San Francisco CA

I love the cocas at Contigo. The flatbread always has a great texture and is so flavorful. This wild nettle coca was a new one for me, and it was SO tasty especially with the two types of cheese and bacon.

Pier 41
Pier 41, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Focaccia veggie – Pappalecco

Focaccia veggie - Pappalecco
With fresh mozzarella and mixed vegetables. $3.25
Papplecco, San Diego CA

This was more flatbread than focaccia to me. If it was focaccia, then it’s the thinnest focaccia I’ve ever had, hehe! It was ok – I liked the ovalina better. I think part of the reason it wasn’t as good was because it came out cold and it wasn’t as cheesy.

Balboa Park Botanical Building

Balboa Park Botanical Building, center dome.