Focaccia veggie – Pappalecco

Focaccia veggie - Pappalecco
With fresh mozzarella and mixed vegetables. $3.25
Papplecco, San Diego CA

This was more flatbread than focaccia to me. If it was focaccia, then it’s the thinnest focaccia I’ve ever had, hehe! It was ok – I liked the ovalina better. I think part of the reason it wasn’t as good was because it came out cold and it wasn’t as cheesy.

Balboa Park Botanical Building

Balboa Park Botanical Building, center dome.


Ovalina – Pappalecco

Ovalina - Pappalecco
Flatbread with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil. $3.25
Papplecco, San Diego CA

This was a great morning bite to start off our day. It was like a cheesy pizza pocket that was grilled to order, yum!

Coffee - Pappalecco

Medium coffee. $2

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, Balboa Park.