Grilled steak and chorizo empanada – Canela

Grilled steak and chorizo empanada - Canela
This empanada was decent but I couldn’t get over the weird mayonnaise-y(?) mystery salad that came with it. It was sour and kinda fizzy and it grossed me out! I think the empanada would’ve worked better just with the mixed greens. Tapa $8
Canela, San Francisco CA

Pier 14 entrance

Pier 14 entrance, The Embarcadero.

Crumbled natural chorizo coca – Canela

Crumbled natural chorizo coca - Canela
House-made pickled onion, sofrito, and farmer’s sheep cheese. $16
Canela, San Francisco CA

This was SO good! The crumbled chorizo had so much flavor, and the sheep cheese and pickled onions were perfect counterpoinst. The coca was crispy and buttery around the edges and perfectly baked. NOMS!

Pier remnants
Pier remnants at Fort Funston.

Pimentos de padron – Canela

Pimentos de padron - Canela
Flash fried organic spanish padron peppers with chunky sea salt. Tapa $10
Canela, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I LOVE padron peppers. They are readily available here at farmers’ markets and grocery stores and they’re super easy to prepare. I love cooking them at home, but I’ll still order them at restaurants because they’re that yummy!

Dolores Park
Dolores Park on an overcast day.

Lamb guisado – Canela

Lamb guisado Canela

Lamb stew on seasoned quinoa cakes. Tapa $11
Canela, San Francisco

This was an interesting dish. I guess we didn’t know what to expect when we ordered it, but a pulled lamb stew wasn’t it. It tasted good and the quinoa cakes were really cool. They were underneath and they had a great texture. The dish was on the small side and dull looking. It needed some additional color.