Tzatziki and spicy hummos – La Mediterranee

Tzatziki and spicy hummos - La Mediterranee
With smoked paprika, sweet and spicy peppers, pita bread. $7.50
La Mediterranee, San Francisco CA

I used to hate the texture of tzatziki and hummus growing up so I would never eat them! Boy, was I missing out! I love the stuff now and these at La Mediterranee were pretty tasty. The hummus wasn’t very spicy but it was still delicious.

Red wine - La Mediterranee
Cotes du Rhone, Andre Brunel, France, 2010. $9
Tempranillo, Lan-Crianza, Rioja, 2008, $7.50

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae)

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae), 16th Street.

Chickpeas with smoke octopus – Staple & Fancy

Chickpeas with smoke octopus - Staple & Fancy
Family style supper $46 per person
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

I think they sprinkled smoked paprika on top and there were red bell peppers mixed it too. Anyway, this dish was SO delicious! The slices of smoked octopus had SO much flavor and gave the dish a nice meaty quality. Noms!

Market Memories mural, Billy King

Market Memories mural, Billy King, 2011, Pike Place Market.

Spring gazpacho – Starbelly

Spring gazpacho - Starbelly
Avocado, crab and Spanish paprika. $9
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

This cold soup was light, delicious, and refreshing! I loved the bits of crab hidden within the chunky puree, and the paprika added a bit of smokiness. A perfect starter on a warm day!

Garage door artwork, 24th Street

Garage door underwater artwork, 24th Street. The Mission is SO colorful and the people are very daring and creative with their homes – love it!

Garlicky gambas – Canela

Garlicky gambas Canela

Shrimp with smoky paprika, sherry and lemon. Tapa $9
Canela, San Francisco

This was a different take on the gambas al ajillo that you normally get at other Spanish tapas restaurants. The smoky paprika added a lot of flavor and gave the broth a beautiful red color. The lemon wedge is also cooked into the sauce and gave the broth a nice citrus-y taste. The shrimp were cooked a little more than I would have liked, but the sauce made up for it. Ask for additional bread to soak it all up!

Spinach crab ravioli – Anchor Oyster Bar

Spinach crab ravioli Anchor Oyster Bar

Beautifully striped ravioli pasta filled with spinach, artichoke, and ricotta cheese.  Topped with lump crab meat, smothered in a wonderful lemon butter sauce, and sprinkled with paprika.
Anchor Oyster Bar, San Francisco

I have to admit that I was a little surprised (and impressed) at this dish. I think of Anchor Oyster Bar as serving simple, delicious food – caring more about freshness and quality than presentation. So the spinach-striped pasta was a nice surpise. It was abolutely beautiful and had a wonderful sheen to it. The ravioli was cooked perfectly and the crab meat was SO delicious. This was another special item on their menu, but I would love to see this again!