Spicy lamb meatballs – Toast

Spicy lamb meatballs - Toast
Tomato sauce, cilantro, yogurt, sesame seeds. $12
Toast, Oakland CA

I really enjoyed the smokey flavor of the tomato sauce. The meatballs were also very good, but the sauce was my favorite component.

Goat cheese and beet amuse bouche - Toast
Amuse bouche with goat cheese, beets, and baby arugula. Complimentary

Red wines – Toast

Bodega Noemia de Patagonia 'A Lisa' malbec 2010 - Toast

Bodega Noemia de Patagonia ‘A Lisa’ malbec, Patagonia Argentina 2010. Glass $12
Toast, Oakland CA

We were spending a day in the East Bay and ended up at Toast for a late afternoon/early evening meal out on their front patio. You really can’t beat yummy wines and small plates enjoyed outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day.

Pinot Envy Flight - Toast
Pinot Envy Flight $18 – Tessier Winery, Alameda CA
2010 Russian River Valley, 2009 ‘Trenton Station’, 2010 ‘Las Brisas Vineyard’

Albacore confit salad – Toast

Albacore confit salad - Toast
With arugula, soft cooked egg, cucumber, and lime. $11
Toast, Oakland CA

I enjoyed just about everything I had at Toast, but this was probably my least favorite item. It was a little too tart for me and I don’t know what the tuna was confit(ed?) in, I’m guessing oil, but it did nothing to improve its flavor and texture. The albacore was actually a bit dry. Besides the beautifully cooked egg, this was kind of boring.

Place setting - Toast
Place setting.