Lebanese kibbeh – La Mediterranee

Lebanese kibbeh - La Mediterranee
Local, grass-fed fresh ground lamb and cracked wheat, seasoned and baked with pine nuts. Served with green salad, fruit and cheese. $13.95
La Mediterranee, San Francisco CA

I had NO idea what I was ordering, and when it came out it was NOT what I was imagining, lol! But it was SO frickin’ good! It’s kind of like a very moist, flavorful lamb meatloaf. I really enjoyed it, and it was large enough that I took some home and enjoy it the next day. Heck yeah!

Complimentary cookies - Le Mediterranee
Complimentary cookies with the check.

Colorful painted van
Colorful painted van, 16th Street.


Middle Eastern plate – La Mediterranee

Middle Eastern plate - La Mediterranee
Chicken Cilicia, Grecian spinach and feta, Levant sandwich, and Lule kebab (lamb meatball) over rice pilaf. Served with cup of curry cauliflower soup, hummus, fruit and cheese. $13.50
La Mediterranee, San Francisco CA

Damn, this plate was certainly a value! And all the components were really yummy, expect maybe the levant sandwich because it was a little dry for me. This was enough food to feed two people though especially after having had an appetizer.

San Francisco Federal Building
San Francisco Federal Building at dawn, 7th Street.

Tzatziki and spicy hummos – La Mediterranee

Tzatziki and spicy hummos - La Mediterranee
With smoked paprika, sweet and spicy peppers, pita bread. $7.50
La Mediterranee, San Francisco CA

I used to hate the texture of tzatziki and hummus growing up so I would never eat them! Boy, was I missing out! I love the stuff now and these at La Mediterranee were pretty tasty. The hummus wasn’t very spicy but it was still delicious.

Red wine - La Mediterranee
Cotes du Rhone, Andre Brunel, France, 2010. $9
Tempranillo, Lan-Crianza, Rioja, 2008, $7.50

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae)

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae), 16th Street.