Gnocchi a la Parisienne – Petit Crenn

Gnocchi a la Parisienne - Petit Crenn
Beurre noisette, mushrooms. Tasting menu $87
Petit Crenn, San Francisco CA

These fluffy pillows were SO delicious! I also loved the warm, comforting sauce and mushrooms.


Assorted tacos – The Castro Republic

Assorted tacos - The Castro Republic
Carnitas, carne asada, and pollo asado on organic corn tortilla, onion, cilantro relish, lime, and roasted tomatillo salsa. Taco Wednesday, each $2
The Castro Republic, San Francisco CA

I really miss going to this place and Taco Wednesday. The tacos are always very good for being only two bucks each!

Assorted tacos - The Castro Republic
Hongos, pollo asado, and carne asada.

Canadian Eh! slice – Pizza Pizza

Canadian Eh! slice - Pizza Pizza
Topped with classic pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, bacon crumble and mozzarella cheese.
Pizza Pizza, Toronto CANADA

I liked the flavor of this pizza, but it was almost room temperature! They should have at least reheated it! I may have been out prior to visiting this place late at night, but I can still judge the temperature of a pizza slice! The crust was also very chewy and difficult to eat.

Pan seared scallops – La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant

Pan seared scallops - La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant
Sweet mashed potato, seasonal mushrooms, white truffle olive oil. $15
La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant, Paso Robles CA

This dish was really tasty! I love all these ingredients individually so of course I loved them all together. I will say that the scallops were a bit on the done side though.