Assorted tacos – The Castro Republic

Assorted tacos - The Castro Republic
Heritage carnitas, adobo chicken, and beer-marinated steak. On organic corn tortilla, onion, cilantro relish, lime, and roasted tomatillo salsa. Taco Wednesday, each $2
The Castro Republic, San Francisco CA

These definitely hit the spot on a random Wednesday night. And I’m totally down with the two dollar price tag. While most places observe Taco Tuesday, they do Taco Wednesday at The Castro Republic!

Street taco platter – Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill

Street taco platter - Loco Charlie's Mexican Grill
Four mini tacos with al pastor, lengua, carne asada, and pollo asado. Soft corn tortillas, cilantro, onions. Served with rice and beans. Each $8.95
Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill, Palm Springs CA

These tacos were pretty good! I liked the variety, and the quality of the proteins was good. And you can’t beat the price!

Fish tacos – Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill

Fish tacos - Loco Charlie's Mexican Grill
Two corn tortillas filled with breaded fish topped with Mexican cole slaw, chipotle baja sauce and pico de gallo. Served with rice. $9.95
Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill, Palm Springs CA

These tacos were much larger than I expected. The fish were slightly greasy, but they tasted great and they definitely don’t skimp on the toppings. The rice, on the other hand, was really lame and dry.

Kalbi beef and spicy pork tacos – Marination Station

Kalbi beef and spicy pork tacos - Marination Station
Corn tortillas with signature slaw, homemade pickled jalapenos, toasted sesame seeds, and Nunya sauce. Each $2.75
Marination Station, Seattle WA

Yum! I loved the flavors of these tacos, but they were on the verge of being too salty. It was great to see Asian flavors in these tacos though and the toppings were delicious.

Tacos – Reservoir

Tacos - Reservoir
Chicken verde: cotija cheese, avocado, serrano tomatiilo sauce, cilantro. Korean bbq style: kimchi carrot slaw, avocado, cilantro, gochujang crema. Two for $13
Reservoir, Palm Springs CA

These tacos tasted fine, but they were pretty small for the price. The descriptions make them sound more substantial, but they don’t very much inside the tortilla. Oh well…

Galbi short rib tacos – Vatos Urban Tacos

Galbi short rib tacos - Vatos Urban Tacos
Marinated short rib, ssamjang aioli, Asian slaw, cilantro, onion, roasted sesame seeds. ₩7,900
Vatos Urban Tacos, Seoul SOUTH KOREA

These tacos were great! The short rib was so flavorful and the ssamjang aioli was super tasty. The tortillas were really different too. They almost seemed like they were made from rice instead of corn. It seemed fitting.

Chips and salsa - Vatos Urban Tacos
Chips and salsa. Complimentary