Fried chicken and carnitas taco – Farmers Fishers Bakers

Fried chicken and carnitas taco - Farmers Fishers Bakers
Baked ham (ends), artichoke dip, tortilla chips. Brunch buffet $29.99
Farmers Fishers Bakers, Washington DC

I admit this is a random plate, but everything looked so good! This is why I’m dangerous at buffets, I just grab everything a once. Lol! I pretty much liked everything on the plate and quickly devoured it.


Assorted tacos – Senor Ramon Taqueria

Assorted tacos - Senor Ramon Taqueria
Lengua, skirt steak, and spicy lamb served on corn tortilla, onions, cilantro, lime. Each $3
Senor Ramon Taqueria, Sterling VA

This place serves food at Crooked Run Brewing, and the tacos were pretty good. They were simple and the meats had enough flavor. I’m kinda biased from all the Mexican food in the Mission in San Francisco, but these were decent.

Fried cheese taco & Shrimp taco – Judie’s Tacos Locos

Fried cheese taco & Shrimp taco - Judie's Tacos Locos
Crispy fried cheese stuffed with carnitas, topped with salsa, cilantro, onions, avocado, and sour cream. $5
Sauteed shrimp topped with cabbage, sour cream, avocado, and fresh green tomatillo salsa. $4.50
Judie’s Tacos Locos, San Francisco CA

I liked both of these tacos, but the fried cheese taco was certainly different and very fun to eat. I enjoyed the crispy-gooey texture of the fried cheese and the carnitas were also flavorful. That’s not to say that the shrimp taco not tasty too. 🙂