Hot and sweet chicken wings – Kokio Republic

Hot and sweet chicken wings - Kokio Republic
Mixed chicken (wings and boneless) with topped with sesame seeds, almond, and parsley. Served with kimchi fried rice balls with bacon, topped with Parmesan cheese, creamy sriracha, sour cream, and parsley flakes. Combo $13.75
Kokio Republic, San Francisco CA

I love these wings and fried kimchi balls because they just burst with flavor. But I can’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day because they are SO garlicky, lol! It’s also a great value since I really can’t eat these all in one sitting.

Fried cheese taco & Shrimp taco – Judie’s Tacos Locos

Fried cheese taco & Shrimp taco - Judie's Tacos Locos
Crispy fried cheese stuffed with carnitas, topped with salsa, cilantro, onions, avocado, and sour cream. $5
Sauteed shrimp topped with cabbage, sour cream, avocado, and fresh green tomatillo salsa. $4.50
Judie’s Tacos Locos, San Francisco CA

I liked both of these tacos, but the fried cheese taco was certainly different and very fun to eat. I enjoyed the crispy-gooey texture of the fried cheese and the carnitas were also flavorful. That’s not to say that the shrimp taco not tasty too. 🙂

Porchetta sandwich – Roli Roti

Porchetta sandwich - Roli Roti
Slow rotisserie roasted pork with house made onion marmalade, fresh arugula, herbed sea salt and served on an Acme Bakery roll. $10.50
Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie, San Francisco CA

They’ve upped the price of this sandwich once again, but I still think it’s a great deal since it’s SO delicious and quite filling. This is still one of my favorite cheat lunches during the work week.

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