Bbq belly chicken sando – Namu

Bbq belly chicken sando - Namu
House made bun, romaine, daikon, cheese. $3
Namu, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this chicken sandwich was delicious! It was so juicy and flavorful. I could have eaten another one (but then I would have had to spend an extra hour in the gym). Food is definitely worth the gym time though, lol!

The Real Korean "taco" – Namu

The Real Korean taco Namu

Ssam style “taco”, seasoned rice, daikon and kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, housemade teriyaki sauce, folded into Japanese and Korean toasted seaweed, with beef. $3
Namu, San Francisco

I love food stands and Namu is one of the best at the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market. This taco was pretty spectacular! I love the exciting combination of flavors and textures, and the kimchee remoulade knocked my socks off. The beef was also very tender and had a great grilled flavor. The only thing I didn’t like was that the double layer of seaweed was impossible to bite through. Maybe they could use drier seaweed or maybe only use one sheet. The taco is messy to eat already because of the abundance of toppings but fighting the seaweed wrapper made it oh so much messier.

The Real Korean taco Namu

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