Pepperoni pizza – Pizza Politana

Pepperoni pizza - Pizza Politana
Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella. $10
Pizza Politana, San Francisco CA

This pizza was much better than the last time I tried Pizza Politana. The crust wasn’t oily this time and the edges weren’t as charred and burned. I thought this tasted great!


Margherita pizza – Pizza Politana

Margherita Pizza Politana
Fresh out of the oven, this Margherita pizza has tomato sauce, basil, and fresh mozzarella.  I ordered it with a farm egg on top!
Pizza Politana, San Francisco

The Margherita, your classic wood-fired oven pizza, is absolutely divine on its own but I was feeling extra giddy and had a farm egg added!  Pizza Politana’s Margherita was actually very good (for the most part).  The crust was thin, chewy, airy, and had a great flavor.  The ingredients are directly sourced from local farmers and artisan producers so they are of great quality and taste amazing.  My only complaint was the blistered bottom of the dough.  I don’t know what they use, but the bottom of the crust has these oily, black blisters that have an overpowering burnt, ashy flavor.  It was sad because I really enjoyed the crust, but after a while I couldn’t get the ash flavor out of my mouth and it eventually ruined the rest of the pizza.  I would have eaten around the blisters, but the shear number made it impossible.  *sad*