Spicy miso ramen – Ramen Underground

Spicy miso ramen - Ramen Underground
Basic toppings with chicken, green onion, mushroom and spinach. Add boiled egg. $13.45
Ramen Underground, San Francisco CA

Ok, I still do like the ramen here, but I’m beginning to think that it’s pretty expensive especially since you have to tip on you bill as well. There are other ramen places nearby that cost less and are so tasty. I don’t think I’ll come here as often, but maybe as a random treat.

Chicken curry – Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill

Chicken curry - Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill
With extra chicken, brown rice, and hot curry. $11.65
Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill, San Francisco CA

Omg, I’ve been craving this lately, and I’m sure it’s not very healthy for you but chicken smothered in hot Japanese curry is the best! Hey, I ordered it with brown rice so that makes it healthier, right? LOL!

Beyond ramen – Orenchi Beyond

Beyond ramen - Orenchi Beyond
Tonkotsu based soup, pork belly, egg, green onion, bamboo shoot, sesame, dried seaweed, fried garlic, mizuna.
Orenchi Beyond, San Francisco CA

Omg, this bowl of ramen may have been on the small side, but it certainly was delicious! Maybe it was due to the fattier-than-normal tonkotsu broth or the fattier-than-normal cut of pork belly, but I couldn’t stop eating it! A definite must-try.

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Special combo 5 – Tokyo Express

Special combo 5 - Tokyo Express
Nigiri sushi, Tokyo Tower roll, and Spicy Tuna roll. $15
Tokyo Express, San Francisco CA

The nigiri was disgusting! The fish was not fresh and the sushi rice was grossly sour. They should really automatically provide you with wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce to disguise the low quality of their raw fish and to help you actually eat it. Gross! The sushi rice in the rolls was also very dry. This was a horrible lunch especially since it’s over priced for what you get. #fail

Caterpillar roll & Crunch California roll – Tokyo Express

Caterpillar roll & Crunch California roll - Tokyo Express
Caterpillar roll: shrimp tempura, sliced avocado on top. Crunch California roll: tempura crunch, crab salad, avocado, cucumber. Wednesday Daily Special $10.99
Tokyo Express, San Francisco CA

This definitely wasn’t the best sushi by any means, but it was passable and priced pretty cheaply for the FiDi. The rice was kinda dry and the rolls weren’t very flavorful, but it was a welcomed change from my usual lunch spots.

Side salad an miso soup - Tokyo Express
Served with side salad an miso soup.

Katsu-done rice bowl – Osho Japanese Cuisine

Katsu-done rice bowl - Osho Japanese Cuisine
Topped with steamed vegetables and nori. $9.20
Osho Japanese Cuisine, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This tasted fine (although on the salty side), but there just wasn’t enough food to satisfy me. The bowl is fairly small and there was enough pork to make for a decent meal. Even the 3 pieces of vegetables looked sad.