Ajisen ramen – Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen ramen - Ajisen Ramen
Chashu, boiled egg. $8.75
Ajisen Ramen, San Francisco CA

This was decent. I wish the boiled eggs was a bit softer, but this is one of the more affordable ramens you can get for lunch downtown.

Ginger chicken ramen – The Ramen Bar

Ginger chicken ramen - The Ramen Bar
Shio tare, grilled chicken, soy-cured egg, yuzu. $12
The Ramen Bar, San Francisco CA

This ramen was clean and comforting. The chicken was super succulent and the ramen noodles were perfectly cooked. Wished this place wasn’t so expensive as lunches go in the FiDi.

Tori paitan ramen – Mensho Tokyo

Tori paitan ramen - Mensho Tokyo
Rich and creamy chicken soup, pork chashu, duck chashu, menma, kale, burdock, katsuobushi sauce. Double chashu $18
Mensho Tokyo, San Francisco CA

Overall,  I thought this place was overrated – especially for the price! I will admit that this tori paitan broth was delicious. I loved how rich and fatty it was, but I’m sure it’s not for everyone. I thought that the topping were mediocre though. Both the chasu pork and duck were bland and boring, and the other toppings were kept to a minimum. You think they’ve give you a bit more for almost 20 bucks for this slightly small bowl. Meh, wouldn’t go back.

Beef curry – Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill

Beef curry - Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill
With brown rice and hot curry. $10.45
Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill, San Francisco CA

The price has gone up a dollar since I was last purchased this dish. That’s not insignificant for lunch prices in the FiDi. The food is still pretty good, and I crave Japanese curry every once in a while I will say that the cuts of beef that I got this time around were sinewy and kinda tough.

Spicy tonkatsu ramen – Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen

Spicy tonkatsu ramen - Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen
Pork belly, boiled egg, spinach, chives, nori, bean sprouts, sliced red peppers. $11.95
Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen, San Francisco CA

This was decent ramen, and I liked the slight heat from the spicy tonkatsu broth. I still don’t like their boiled eggs though. They seem old or have been sitting out for awhile.