Niku udon – Marukame Udon

Niku udon - Marukame Udon
Traditional broth with light fish and seaweed flavors topped with beef, caramelized onions, and soft boiled egg. $6.55
Marukame Udon, Honolulu HI

I loved this udon, and for less than seven bucks! I’m in heaven. I guess this place is super popular, but we got in early so there wasn’t a line yet. Yum!

Miso ramen – Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen

Miso ramen - Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen
Pork belly, spinach, chives, nori, bean sprouts, sliced red peppers. Added kakuni and boiled egg. $12.50
Pao Jao Dumpling & Ramen, San Francisco CA

This place was new to me at the International lunch place off Kearny Street. I liked the overall flavor of the dish, and I though that their pork belly was really tender and delicious (mostly because it was so fatty, mmm…). I thought their boiled eggs was weirdly shaped thought. It was like they boiled them all together, jamming them into a bot so they became misshapen.