Garlic string beans – Dumpling Empire

Garlic string beans - Dumpling Empire
Ugh, these tasted fine but they were pretty greasy and quickly became limp and sad. Perhaps they were overcooked (as evidenced by their heavily blistered skin) or perhaps they got overly steamed during transport, but I didn’t enjoy them either way. That makes me sad because I love string beans! $6.95
Dumpling Empire, South San Francisco CA

Large artichoke agave
Large artichoke agave (Agave parryi var. truncata, Agavaceae), West Field Road.

Shanghai soup dumplings – Dumpling Empire

Shanghai soup dumplings - Dumpling Empire
Xiao long bao. Six pieces $4.95
Dumpling Empire, South San Francisco CA

These were decent. The dumpling wrapper was on the thicker side, but at least the dumplings all stayed intact and they were not steamed in those lame aluminum cups. The flavors of the soup and pork filling were pretty good so I can’t complain too much. And the price was really good!

Pink protea flower
Pink protea flower (Proteaceae), West Field Road.

Green chives pancake – Dumpling Empire

Green chives pancake - Dumpling Empire
Fried Chinese pancake filled with green chives, glass noodles, and egg. $5.95
Dumpling Empire, South San Francisco CA

I liked the flavor of these pancakes, but the outsides were on the greasy side. I love the sharpness of the Chinese chives though. They also give you two whole pancakes so it’s a good value.

Agave filifera
Beautiful thread agave (Agave filifera, Asparagaceae), West Field Road.