Crispy duck leg cassoulet – Town Hall

Crispy duck leg cassoulet - Town Hall
Butter beans, chorizo, farm egg, Italian parsley, grilled bread. $25
Town Hall, San Francisco CA

Oops, I guess you really can’t see the duck, but I swear it’s in there under the farm egg. This dish had good flavors, but it was salty. I think the presence of duck confit and chorizo really upped the saltiness from the start, but I swear they must have added even MORE salt because there was too much! At twenty five bucks for this bowl, I think the execution could have been better.

View of downtown SF
View of downtown from the Castro.

Chicken roulade – BIN 38

Chicken roulade BIN 38

Served with butter beans, greens and a salsa verde. I’m not sure what were the purple leaves. $20
BIN 38, San Francisco

Wow, this chicken was melt-in-your-mouth good! I’m not sure how they cook it, but it was SO tender and juicy. I’m assuming it was cooked sous-vide, then seared for color and texture. I’d be surprised if it was roasted since there was absolutely no dry spots, but then I’m not a chef – lol! I don’t often eat chicken out at restaurants but if they were all as perfect and flavorful as this one, I would order it all the time. Great job, BIN 38!