Belgium biscuit – Espresso Bar by Atomic

Belgium biscuit - Espresso Bar by Atomic
$3.50 NZD
Espresso Bar by Atomic, Auckland Airport (AKL)

I liked the look of this cookie, but it was way too sweet. That pink frosting and additional sugar was way too much sucrose. I liked the texture of the cookie though.

Latte - Espresso Bar by Atomic
Latte. $4.90 NZD

Dutch baby – Porcellino’s Craft Butcher

Dutch baby - Porcellino's Craft Butcher
Plums, powdered sugar. $8
Porcellino’s Craft Butcher, Memphis TN

Mmm, this Dutch baby was delicious! I loved its texture and the plums tasted great! It wasn’t too sweet so I thought it was perfect.

Latte - Porcellino's Craft Butcher
Latte. $3.50

Apple tarte tatin – Le Diplomate

Apple tarte tatin - Le Diplomate
Vanilla ice cream, whipped creme fraiche. $8
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

This dessert was delicious! But then I do love tarte tatins. This one was especially good and beautiful. I loved the large apple wedges and their magnificent color. The fruit still had a pleasant firmness to them which made them even better. Noms!

Cafe latte - Le Diplomate
Cafe latte. $4.50

Orchids, US Botanic Garden Conservatory
Orchids, US Botanic Garden Conservatory.

Summer berries – Volt

Summer berries - Volt
Blueberries and blackberries, buttermilk pudding, strawberry and mulberry sorbets, egg white vacherins. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

Yum, I really liked this dessert especially the berry sorbets. They had so much flavor and weren’t sugary sweet. I thought the little meringues were pretty cute and fun to eat too.

Espresso - Volt
Espresso. Single $3

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park, VA.