French toast donut – Analog Coffee

French toast donut - Analog Coffee
Provided by Mighty-O donuts. $2
Analog Coffee, Seattle WA

Ugh, this donut was dry and gross and off-tasting. I later found out that it was vegan – no wonder. That just goes to show that some vegan food doesn’t come anywhere close to tasting as good as the original. The latte was ok, and the guys working the store were friendly enough. I hated that their wifi wasn’t working, lame…

Latte - Analog Coffee

Blueberries and cream waffle – Lt. Waffle

Blueberries and cream waffle - Lt. Waffle
Classic waffle with blueberry jam, whipped cream and fresh blueberries. $8
Lt. Waffle, San Francisco CA

I actually ordered this with on a buckwheat waffle, but I guess they were SO busy with the two other people in the entire place that they couldn’t even get that right. I have no patience for incompetence.

Latte - Lt. Waffle
Latte. $4.50

Papua New Guinea s’more – Dandelion Chocolate

Papua New Guinea s'more - Dandelion Chocolate
This dessert was really fun to eat! I loved the square, torched marshmallow filled with dark salted chocolate atop a crisp graham cracker. Mmm, so good and decadent! $4
Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco CA

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Latte - Dandelion Chocolate
Latte. $3.75

Russian honey cake – 20th Century Cafe

Russian honey cake - 20th Century Cafe
Krasinski torte. $6
20th Century Cafe, San Francisco CA

Wow, I don’t know how they make this cake or what’s really in it, but it’s SO frickin’ good! I loved all the delicate layers and I felt somehow fancy just eating it, lol! This dessert is definitely a winner in my book.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Latte - 20th Century Cafe

Warm banana bread – 1760

Warm banana bread - 1760
‘Chunky monkey’ ice cream, peanut butter crunch. $9
1760, San Francisco CA

This was probably one of the better dishes I tried at 1760 and I’m not even a huge dessert person. That doesn’t mean that this dessert completely rocked, just that the other dishes weren’t all that good. I’m also a sucker for caramelized bananas! Although the plate was a little messy and chaotic, this dish tasted pretty yummy! (The banana bread could’ve been a little warmer though).

Americano - 1760
Americano. $3

Blueberry cream cheese pastry – Paris Baguette

Blueberry cream cheese pastry - Paris Baguette
Banh ngan lop pho mai viet quay. 25,000 VND
Paris Baguette, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I love the different shapes that all the pastries come in here! American blueberry pastries mostly come in a boring round shape. We don’t get a cool variety like the ones at Paris Baguette. It’s a shame. 😦

Iced cafe latte - Paris Baguette
Iced cafe latte. 55,000 VND

Hotel de Ville de Saigon
Hotel de Ville de Saigon (City Hall).