Warm banana bread – 1760

Warm banana bread - 1760
‘Chunky monkey’ ice cream, peanut butter crunch. $9
1760, San Francisco CA

This was probably one of the better dishes I tried at 1760 and I’m not even a huge dessert person. That doesn’t mean that this dessert completely rocked, just that the other dishes weren’t all that good. I’m also a sucker for caramelized bananas! Although the plate was a little messy and chaotic, this dish tasted pretty yummy! (The banana bread could’ve been a little warmer though).

Americano - 1760
Americano. $3

Blueberry cream cheese pastry – Paris Baguette

Blueberry cream cheese pastry - Paris Baguette
Banh ngan lop pho mai viet quay. 25,000 VND
Paris Baguette, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I love the different shapes that all the pastries come in here! American blueberry pastries mostly come in a boring round shape. We don’t get a cool variety like the ones at Paris Baguette. It’s a shame. 😦

Iced cafe latte - Paris Baguette
Iced cafe latte. 55,000 VND

Hotel de Ville de Saigon
Hotel de Ville de Saigon (City Hall).

Dark chocolate ice cream – Caffe Fresco

Dark chocolate ice cream - Caffe Fresco
Served with a sweet rolled wafer cookie. Single scoop 55,000 VND
Caffe Fresco, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I liked the presentation of this ice cream and that it was served in chilled dish ware. I also liked how they sprinkled a few mini dark chocolate chips on top. I appreciated the details so I didn’t mind paying more than I should have for a single scoop of ice cream.

Single shot iced lattes - Caffe Fresco
Single shot iced lattes. Each 59,000 VND
These were ok, but kinda expensive!

Love sign
Cute “Love” sign in front of the cafe.

Colorful dragon statue
Colorful dragon statue, Cong Vien Cuu Long Park, Cholon (Chinatown).

Breakfast pastries – Tous Les Jours

Breakfast pastries - Tous Les Jours
Banh lop choco. Chocolate chip pastry. 13,000 VND
Banh lop man. Mi ham cheese pastry. Each 9,000 VND
Tous Les Jours, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I don’t think we really needed these pastries, but it was hot walking outside and we needed to use a bathroom so we ducked into Tous Les Jours for air conditioning, cold drinks and a potty break. Lol! The pastries were unplanned, delicious treats! I did get scolded for taking pics of their products inside the store though. I’m still not completely sure why but I assumed it was competitor/ownership issue.

Iced espresso drinks - Tous Les Jours
Iced Vietnamese milk coffee. 40,000 VND
Iced Americano. 35,000 VND

Huyen Sy Church
Huyen Sy Church, District 1.

Caffeine break – 34B

Latte and Americano - 34B
Latte and Americano.
34B, London ENGLAND

This place was probably the most unrelaxing coffee shop I’ve been to in London (and anywhere else actually). The woman serving the drinks was really pushing the food, so we felt uncomfortable taking up space with only coffee. Hardly anybody else around us was eating, but there was that hanging pressure to buy food to justify your stay. Super lame! I will never go back to the place especially since it’s surrounded by so many great coffee shops.

Victoria Memorial

Man and lion statue guarding the Victoria Memorial, Queen’s Garden.

Chocolate twist – Caffe Nero

Chocolate twist - Caffe Nero
It started drizzling one afternoon so we decided to duck into Caffe Nero to relax and people watch. The coffee was pretty tasty and the chocolate twist was delicious. The pastry was flaky on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet so that was also a good thing.
Caffe Nero, London ENGLAND

Caffe latte - Caffe Nero
Caffe latte.

Americano - Caffe Nero

Agatha Christie Statue

Agatha Christie Statue, Ben Twiston-Davies, Covent Garden.

Iberico ham sandwich – Los Vikingos

Iberico ham sandwich - Los Vikingos
Jamon iberico de bellota con pan con tomate. On toasted tomato bread, with espresso.
Los Vikingos, Sitges ES

Mmm, I love tomato bread in Spain! It’s SO simple but the bread and tomatoes they use are so delicious. This particular sandwich is stuffed with Iberico ham de bellota which is of the finest grade, from free range pigs that feed in oak forests and primarily eat acorns (bellotas). Noms!

Monument al Doctor Robert

Monument al Doctor Robert in front of the Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla. I guess Doctor Robert was a former mayor of Barcelona so I’m not sure why they have his statue in Sitges. Regardless, Sitges is so quaint with lots of cute vistas and everyone is really friendly.

Crepes au Grand Marnier – Feria Cafe

Crepes au Grand Marnier - Feria Cafe
Feria Cafe, Paris FR

We came here during a late-ish night of walking around in the perfectly warm summer air. This area was definitely a tourist trap section with packed restaurants and abundant outdoor seating. Our feet were tired and we were hungry so we snatched a seat at Feria Cafe. I guess it’s supposed to be a tapas restaurant, but their extensive menu has a bit of everything to please any tourist who happens to chance by.

I could have ordered Spanish tapas, burgers or any number of random fried food from the menu but I was in the mood for crepes. This was probably not the best place for crepes, but I always cave in to my cravings. I mean, does it really matter if the crepes are horrible if they’re drenched in orange-flavored cognac liqueur?! LOL! Ok, I guess it does because the crepes were still bad. They poured so much Grand Marnier on the crepes that only part of it burned off after they flambeed the plate. It was like eating crepes dipped in pure alcohol. Lame!

Cafe Viennois - Feria Cafe
Cafe Viennois. 5,50€
So this version is apparently more a Wiener Melange (cappuccino) than an espresso con panna (espresso with whipped cream). Oh well.

July Column

July Column, Place de la Bastille. For some reason, I thought that this area would have some kind of Bastille museum, but it’s just a square with a column in the center. It’s also a major roundabout so the traffic is busy.

Caffeine break – Ritual Coffee

Kiawamururu espresso - Ritual Coffee
Sweet Tooth: Kiawamururu. Single origin espresso from, Nyeri, kenya. Tastes like: pink grapefruit, nectarine, ripe clementine. $3.50
Ritual Coffee, San Francisco CA

I’m definitely not a coffee expert so I don’t know how they can differentiate all these different flavors that they use to describe each roast. I certainly can’t distingish all of them in my cup. I either like or dislike a coffee right off the bat though, especially when they have a gross sour quality to them. The coffee and espresso at Ritual Coffee has never let me down. Although I can’t taste all the flavor nuances, I can still enjoy their cup of joe.

Los Idolos decaf - Ritual Coffee
Los Idolos decaf coffee. Huila, Colombia. Tastes like: bananas foster, berry fragrance, cherry-chocolate cake. $3

Dramatic sunrise from my balcony
Dramatic sunrise from my balcony.