Blueberry cream cheese pastry – Paris Baguette

Blueberry cream cheese pastry - Paris Baguette
Banh ngan lop pho mai viet quay. 25,000 VND
Paris Baguette, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I love the different shapes that all the pastries come in here! American blueberry pastries mostly come in a boring round shape. We don’t get a cool variety like the ones at Paris Baguette. It’s a shame. 😦

Iced cafe latte - Paris Baguette
Iced cafe latte. 55,000 VND

Hotel de Ville de Saigon
Hotel de Ville de Saigon (City Hall).


Pumpkin cream cheese loaf cake – Starbucks

Pumpkin cream cheese loaf cake - Starbucks
Pumpkin cream cheese in a classic, reduced-fat coffee cake recipe. $2.79
Starbucks, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

I’m still disappointed with Starbucks pastries even though they’re now “made” by La Boulange. They still look sickly and inferior in the display case. Why do Starbucks stores in other countries serve such better quality bakery items?! I mean, Starbucks originated in the US. Why should be punished with these horrible products? 😦

Whale tail
Whale tail made of rope, Terminal 3.

Bialy and local smoked salmon – Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Bialy and local smoked salmon - Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
With Sierra Nevada cream cheese, tomato, red onions and capers, pickle. Closed-faced $9
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, San Francisco CA

I really liked this smoked salmon bialy. The beer cream cheese had great flavor and wasn’t as heavy as normal cream cheese. The salmon also seemed lighter and fresher. Overall, it was a great way to start the day.

Condiments - Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen


Narrowleaf self-heal

Narrowleaf self-heal (Prunella vulgaris var. lanceolata, Lamiaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Chicken crisp burrito combo – Taco Time

Chicken crisp burrito - Taco Time
All-white chicken, cream cheese, mild green chiles, onions and spices hand-rolled in a soft flour tortilla, then deep-fried to golden perfection. Includes a 22 oz drink and small Mexi-Fries.
Taco Time, Seattle WA

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m obsessed with the chicken crisp burrito! I have to go to Taco Time during every Seattle visit and have one. It’s really sad, but I can’t deny with guilty indulgence.

Mexi-Fries - Taco Time
Mexi-Fries. OK, they’re really just tater tots with a bunch of salt and “Mexican” spices, lol! They are fickin’ addicting though!

Special hot sauce - Taco Time
Special hot sauce. This sauce is like crack! I douse everything in this sauce it’s SO good.

Diet Coke - Taco Time

Diet Coke.

Asiago cheese bagel – Park Rock Cafe

Asiago cheese bagel - Park Rock Cafe
With light cream cheese and fresh fruit (kiwi, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberry).
Park Rock Cafe, Joshua Tree CA

This little cafe is adjact to the Joshua Tree visitor center and the woman who was working the counter was super friendly. This bagel wasn’t the freshest bagel ever, but I appreciated that it came with fruit (which I wasn’t expecting) so it was a great value.

Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Cener sign
Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Cener sign.

Cholla Cactus Garden (Cylindropuntia bigelovii, Cactaceae)
Cholla Cactus Garden (Cylindropuntia bigelovii, Cactaceae) filled with Teddy Bear chollas – watch out!

Fried wontons – Basil Thai Restaurant

Fried wontons - Basil Thai Restaurant
Chicken, shrimp, and cream cheese, wonton wrapper. Served with sweet and sour sauce. $6.95
Basil Thai Restaurant, Charleston SC

How can you go wrong with hot, fried wontons filled with proteins and cream cheese?! You really can’t, hehe. This appetizer is perfect for sharing and definitely starts a dinner off on the right foot.

Seminole chief Osceola grave, Fort Moultrie
Seminole chief Osceola grave, Fort Moultrie. Osceola died of malaria 3 months after his controversial capture and was buried at Fort Moultrie with military honors.

Breakfast bagel – Virgin Atlantic

Breakfast bagel - Virgin Atlantic
Served with Schreiber neufchatel (lite cream cheese), Nature Valley granola bar, Ardmore orange juice, and coffee. Complimentary.
San Francisco (SFO) to London (LHR), Virgin Atlantic

When I opened the breakfast box I thought that it might be an egg and cheese sandwich, but it was only a plain bagel. Oh well. I was happy with anything after being in the air for over 9 hours!

Brunch plate 2 – Wicked Spoon Buffet

Brunch plate 2 - Wicked Spoon Buffet
Smoked salmon (lox), cucumber, tomatoes, capers, baguette with whipped cream cheese, olives, cornichons, ham, salami. Brunch buffet $22
Wicked Spoon Buffet, Las Vegas NV

I needed a little break from the heavier items so I got a plate with lox and charcuterie to break things up. Salty, cured, and fatty = a happy me!

Sun-dried tomato cream cheese bagel – Jumpin’ Java Coffee House

Sun-dried tomato cream cheese bagel - Jumpin' Java Coffee House
On a toasted onion bagel – $2.95. Medium coffee – $1.85.
Jumpin’ Java Coffee House, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love sun-dried tomato spread! They tend to pack it on so I’ll usually ask for “light on the cream cheese”. This time they gave a medium portion, hehe.

United States Mint, Hermann Street
United States Mint, Hermann Street. This is a view of the building from Market Street. I think it’s kind of weird that we have a working Mint in our city. You don’t hear much about it, but I wonder if they give tours?  XUA8JXQWDRXG

Cream cheese and tomato bagel sandwich – Jumpin’ Java Coffee House

Cream cheese and tomato bagel sandwich - Jumpin' Java Coffee House
On a toasted asiago bagel – $2.75. Large coffee – $2.
Jumpin’ Java Coffee House, San Francisco CA

I used to come to Jumpin’ Java regularly when I live on Castro and 14th. It’s a chill and relaxed place to grab coffee and work on your computer. I think the owners have changed since then, but it’s still a great o place to hang out. The people behind the counter are super nice and the bagels are deelish!

Cross graffiti mural, Market Street
Cross graffiti mural, Market Street. There’s public artwork everywhere in San Francisco!

Buckeye roll – Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Project 365: Day 59

Running around town(s) performing errands before Codes’ birthday party tonight. Just went and bought 10 potted orchids for centerpieces, dropped some stuff off at the event site, then gonna help prepare some food for the buffet. That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually been a pretty chill day. We kinda partied a little too hard last night and now we’re not feeling so spectacular today, hehe! At least I’ll look cute tonight!

Buckeye roll Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cream cheese, avocado, flash fried, topped with spicy tuna, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, scallions, unagi sauce, masago. $12
Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar, Gahanna OH

This monster roll had A LOT going on! Actually, there was too much going on and you really couldn’t figure out what everything was. It tasted great though, but so does everything that’s deep fried. I guess I ordered it because I AM in Buckeye territory and I thought that it’d be a safe bet in terms of sushi in a midwestern state. I remember having sushi in Ohio last year, and it was horrible. This wasn’t that bad.

Buckeye roll Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar