Chicken crisp burrito combo – Taco Time

Chicken crisp burrito - Taco Time
All-white chicken, cream cheese, mild green chiles, onions and spices hand-rolled in a soft flour tortilla, then deep-fried to golden perfection. Includes a 22 oz drink and small Mexi-Fries.
Taco Time, Seattle WA

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m obsessed with the chicken crisp burrito! I have to go to Taco Time during every Seattle visit and have one. It’s really sad, but I can’t deny with guilty indulgence.

Mexi-Fries - Taco Time
Mexi-Fries. OK, they’re really just tater tots with a bunch of salt and “Mexican” spices, lol! They are fickin’ addicting though!

Special hot sauce - Taco Time
Special hot sauce. This sauce is like crack! I douse everything in this sauce it’s SO good.

Diet Coke - Taco Time

Diet Coke.