Poke rolls – Duke’s Waikiki

Poke rolls - Duke's Waikiki
Raw ahi, Maui onion, sauteed in rice paper. $12.95
Duke’s Waikiki, Honolulu HI

This starter wass billed as “Hawaii’s favorite pupu” on their menu. I don’t know about that. It tasted ok, but it was super greasy! Who knew it was actually deep fried? I assumed it was a fresh roll from the menu description, and because I don’t immediately think “fried” when poke comes to mind. Hmm, hand me another drink!

Hawaiian song and dance performance
Hawaiian song and dance performance, Waikiki Beach.


2 thoughts on “Poke rolls – Duke’s Waikiki

    • Well, poke is usually not made into rolls because it’s like a Hawaiian ceviche. I’ve never seen a ceviche roll either. That’s why I thought it was weird that if they made poke (which is fresh, raw and cold) into a roll, that they would fry it. Hmm, but what do I know? I not a cook, I just like to eat! 🙂

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