Fried wontons – Basil Thai Restaurant

Fried wontons - Basil Thai Restaurant
Chicken, shrimp, and cream cheese, wonton wrapper. Served with sweet and sour sauce. $6.95
Basil Thai Restaurant, Charleston SC

How can you go wrong with hot, fried wontons filled with proteins and cream cheese?! You really can’t, hehe. This appetizer is perfect for sharing and definitely starts a dinner off on the right foot.

Seminole chief Osceola grave, Fort Moultrie
Seminole chief Osceola grave, Fort Moultrie. Osceola died of malaria 3 months after his controversial capture and was buried at Fort Moultrie with military honors.


Popcorn shrimp combo – Patty Shack

Popcorn shrimp combo Patty Shack

Breaded and deep fried shrimp served with a side of French fries and sweet and sour sauce. $9.50 (East Caribbean dollar)
Patty Shack, Roseau, DOMINICA

So Patty Shack is a fast food chain on Dominica, and I wasn’t too impressed. I guess I’m used to the speed of American fast food chains, and this place was slower than I’m used to. It took a good 15 minutes for me to receive my order. The shrimp were hard and dry and the fries were limp and soggy.

Roseau Dominica
View of downtown Roseau. This was not my favorite island of the trip. We were verbally harassed by a group of locals and generally felt uneasy thereafter. While there aren’t too many tourist attractions in downtown Roseau, I would definitely suggest walking in groups.

Lumpianitas – Patio Filipino

Lumpianitas Patio Filipino

Shanghai style lumpia filled with pork and shrimp. Served with sweet and sour sauce. $9.95
Patio Filipino, San Bruno CA

I’ve never heard these called lumpianitas, but whatever. They’re just small lumpias to me, or Shanghai lumpia. I guess the only difference is that they also have shrimp inside. Most of the time it’s only pork. These were very good and our table gobbled them up pretty quickly! Yay for Filipino food!

Spring rolls – Go Bistro

Spring rolls Go Bistro

Crispy spring rolls with chicken and vegetables, served with crispy wonton chips and sweet & sour sauce.  Garnished with lettuce and orange slice.  $6.50
Go Bistro, San Francisco (SFO)

I guess you really can’t mess up spring rolls unless they’re super greasy, so these were just fine.  Nothing special about them, but sometimes you just need something hot and fried to tie you over before boarding an airplane. 

Sierra Nevada pale ale Go Bistro

Sierra Nevada pale ale.  $6.79
I also think that it’s also a safe bet to have a beer (or cocktail) before a flight.  It loosens you up in case you’re seated by annoying passengers.  🙂