Korean bbq beef bowl – Go Bistro

Korean bbq beef bowl - Go Bistro
Thinly sliced strips of Korean barbecued beef, sautéed onions and shredded carrots, served over steamed rice, topped with sesame seeds.  $12.99
Go Bistro, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This didn’t taste Korean at all! I was salty and had soy sauce, but that was pretty much it. It tasted ok, but they really should call it Korean. That’s just false advertising, or maybe wishful thinking…

Filipino adobo pork bowl – Go Bistro

Filipino adobo pork bowl - Go Bistro
Grilled pork marinated in savory Filipino adobo sauce, served over rice with cucumbers and onions.  $11.99
Go Bistro, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Meh, this tasted only faintly like pork adobo. That’s probably a good thing because the pork was more lean and less salty than regular adobo. The dish was more reminiscent of a Filipino adobo and an actual example of one. I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Spring rolls – Go Bistro

Spring rolls Go Bistro

Crispy spring rolls with chicken and vegetables, served with crispy wonton chips and sweet & sour sauce.  Garnished with lettuce and orange slice.  $6.50
Go Bistro, San Francisco (SFO)

I guess you really can’t mess up spring rolls unless they’re super greasy, so these were just fine.  Nothing special about them, but sometimes you just need something hot and fried to tie you over before boarding an airplane. 

Sierra Nevada pale ale Go Bistro

Sierra Nevada pale ale.  $6.79
I also think that it’s also a safe bet to have a beer (or cocktail) before a flight.  It loosens you up in case you’re seated by annoying passengers.  🙂