Mixed mushroom and pesto pizza – Arizmendi Bakery

Mixed mushroom and pesto pizza - Arizmendi Bakery
With asiago cheese, basil pesto. $2.50
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco CA

The quality of the daily pizzas at Arizmendi is still pretty high and I love it! You really can’t go wrong with mushrooms and pesto, and their crust is as tasty and ever.

America's Cup racing
America’s Cup racing on a foggy San Francisco Bay.


Housemade lasagna – Mercato

Housemade lasagna - Mercato
Layered with sausage, ricotta, asiago, and mozzarella cheese. $17
Mercato, Charleston SC

I was a little disappointed with this dish. I expected something more, something that made it special. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty but not something I would rave about. I really enjoyed everything prior to this dish so that’s probably why I wanted to end with a bang.

Espresso - Mercato
Espresso. $3.50

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston Waterfront Park
Pineapple Fountain, Charleston Waterfront Park. Perhaps it’s the botanist in me, but I absolutely love this fountain!

The Rebel Within muffin – Craftsman & Wolves

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
Savory muffin with asiago cheese, green onion, Easton sausage, and soft-boiled egg in the center. $7
Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco CA

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
This amazing creation by chef William Werner has quickly become one of my favorite breakfast items ever! I swear it tastes like Thanksgiving. The outer coating tastes like a delicious, moist stuffing. This muffin is served room temperature, but I bet it would taste exceptional if warmed up beforehand. I will have to take one home next time and throw it in the oven for a little bit.

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
The surprise egg with a runny yolk is a beautiful sight to behold! I would normally say that seven dollars is too much to pay for a mere muffin, but it’s super filling and is pretty much a meal in it of itself. Noms!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013, 2013

Sightglass Coffee, Blueboon blend
Sightglass Coffee, Blueboon blend. $2.50
Everybody raves about Sightglass coffee, but I’m not particularly impressed. The coffee is definitely smooth, but is too weak for my taste.

Morning in Dolores Park
My baby-girl accompanies me to Dolores Park to enjoy the crisp morning and my Rebel Within, hehe.

Cream cheese and tomato bagel sandwich – Jumpin’ Java Coffee House

Cream cheese and tomato bagel sandwich - Jumpin' Java Coffee House
On a toasted asiago bagel – $2.75. Large coffee – $2.
Jumpin’ Java Coffee House, San Francisco CA

I used to come to Jumpin’ Java regularly when I live on Castro and 14th. It’s a chill and relaxed place to grab coffee and work on your computer. I think the owners have changed since then, but it’s still a great o place to hang out. The people behind the counter are super nice and the bagels are deelish!

Cross graffiti mural, Market Street
Cross graffiti mural, Market Street. There’s public artwork everywhere in San Francisco!