X roll – Arizmendi Bakery

X roll - Arizmendi Bakery
Mushrooms, pasilla peppers, goat cheese, asiago, swiss. $2.75
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was warm and cheesy and SO good! I can’t say I’ve had too many rolls that had pasilla peppers in them, but this was tasty!

YBCA advertisement
YBCA advertisement, 24th Street Bart Station.

Pulled pork folded omelette – Ella’s

Pulled pork folded omelette Ella's

With pasilla peppers, pulled pork, corn relish, jack cheese, and chipotle crema. Served with potatoes and wheat toast.  $12.75
Ella’s – San Francisco

I thought this omelette was OK.  The filling was really runny so that turned me off from the start.  The egg also had a weird, plastic-y texture.  There is no arguing that you get your money’s worth though – it was gigantic!  It tasted fine, but I wish that the flavors had more punch.  The whole thing tasted somewhat bland.  The potatoes were just OK, too.  I definitely had to used some ketchup to add more flavor.  I have to say that my favorite part of my order was the thick wheat bread that came with it.  Is that sad?

Coffee Ella's

Cup of regular coffee.  $2.50