The Rebel Within muffin – Craftsman & Wolves

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
Savory muffin with asiago cheese, green onion, Easton sausage, and soft-boiled egg in the center. $7
Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco CA

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
This amazing creation by chef William Werner has quickly become one of my favorite breakfast items ever! I swear it tastes like Thanksgiving. The outer coating tastes like a delicious, moist stuffing. This muffin is served room temperature, but I bet it would taste exceptional if warmed up beforehand. I will have to take one home next time and throw it in the oven for a little bit.

The Rebel Within muffin - Craftsman & Wolves
The surprise egg with a runny yolk is a beautiful sight to behold! I would normally say that seven dollars is too much to pay for a mere muffin, but it’s super filling and is pretty much a meal in it of itself. Noms!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013, 2013

Sightglass Coffee, Blueboon blend
Sightglass Coffee, Blueboon blend. $2.50
Everybody raves about Sightglass coffee, but I’m not particularly impressed. The coffee is definitely smooth, but is too weak for my taste.

Morning in Dolores Park
My baby-girl accompanies me to Dolores Park to enjoy the crisp morning and my Rebel Within, hehe.


6 thoughts on “The Rebel Within muffin – Craftsman & Wolves

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  2. Definitely the best thing I’ve ever ate. The fact that the egg is SOFT boiled is genius. I would hesitate to re-heat it, but would love it hot. Great, now I’m hungry.

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