Apple tarte tatin – Le Diplomate

Apple tarte tatin - Le Diplomate
Vanilla ice cream, whipped creme fraiche. $8
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

This dessert was delicious! But then I do love tarte tatins. This one was especially good and beautiful. I loved the large apple wedges and their magnificent color. The fruit still had a pleasant firmness to them which made them even better. Noms!

Cafe latte - Le Diplomate
Cafe latte. $4.50

Orchids, US Botanic Garden Conservatory
Orchids, US Botanic Garden Conservatory.

Roasted scallops – Le Diplomate

Roasted scallops - Le Diplomate
Squash, zucchini, tomato. $29
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

Hmm, this wasn’t my favorite. There was something bitter and a bit fishy to this dish that I didn’t enjoy. It’s weird because I had brunch here the day prior and everything was great. Why couldn’t dinner be equally as fabulous. Perhaps I ordered the wrong things…

Washington Monument
Washington Monument.

Foie gras parfait – Le Diplomate

Foie gras parfait - Le Diplomate
Pain d’epice, huckleberry mustard. $15
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

Mmm, this appetizer was heaven! The foie gras parfait was whipped to an light, silky texture and it was so delicious with the toast and huckleberry. It was very rich but I tried my best to finish it throughout the meal. Noms!

Ventoux cocktail - Le Diplomate
Ventoux: old overholt rye, lemon, egg white, red wine float. $12

US Botanic Garden Conservatory
US Botanic Garden Conservatory.

Vanilla bean creme brulee – Le Diplomate

Vanilla bean creme brulee - Le Diplomate
Sable Breton cookie. $8
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

Crème brulees don’t usually excite me unless their an unexpected flavor so I wasn’t crazy about this dessert. It tasted fine and the vanilla flavor was there, but I wasn’t wowed. I did like the Breton cookies though.

Pamplemousse Presse cocktail - Le Diplomate
Pamplemousse Presse: Combier pamplemousse sparkling wine, lemon. $10

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Duck sarladaise – Le Diplomate

Duck sarladaise - Le Diplomate
Confit, sunnyside up egg, roasted potatoes. $15
Le Diplomate, Washington DC

Mmm, I love Le Diplomate. The service is wonderful and the food is very tasty. This duck dish was certainly heavy but it tasted great and the hollandaise sauce was surprisingly bright. Noms!

Pimm's Cup cocktail - Le Diplomate
Pimm’s Cup: Pimm’s no. 1, cucumber, L’Esprit de June. $10

Bread basket - Le Diplomate
Bread basket. Complimentary
Omg, this bread basket is glorious!

Morning at Thomas Circle
Morning at Thomas Circle.