Deviled egg sandwich – The Sentinel

Deviled egg sandwich - The Sentinel
Mustard, chili paste, parsley. $9.25
The Sentinel, San Francisco CA

This sammy was quite large, messy and filling! Iiked the flavor of the egg salad and it was nice and soft, but may there was too much mayo. I mean I loved the flavor, but I felt bad eating all of it.


Ribs and BBQ shoulder combo platter – Germantown Commissary

Ribs and BBQ shoulder combo platter - Germantown Commissary
Includes beans, slaw, biscuits, and deviled egg. Any two meats $19.95
Germantown Commissary, Memphis TN

This was my first Memphis style bbq experience in Memphis and I was not impressed. The pork ribs were SO dry! The pulled shoulder was less dry, but still on the dry side. I had to douse them with plenty of bbq sauce to make them more palatable. The service was also kinda rude and inattentive. Not a great start for my trip!