Olive focaccia round – Arizmendi Bakery

Olive focaccia round - Arizmendi Bakery
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco CA

The olives were especially large on today’s batch of olive rounds. Yum! They were nice and juicy.

Olive focaccia round – Arizmendi Bakery

Olive focaccia round - Arizmendi Bakery
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco CA

I miss these olive rounds so much now that I’ve moved to another neighborhood! These were cheap and really tasty. I just loved the salty kalamata olives tucked inside!

Ham and cheese strata – Rustic Bakery

Ham and cheese strata - Rustic Bakery
Savory layers of ham and cheese and foccacia bread. $3.95
Rustic Bakery, Novato CA

This was a lot denser than I was expecting. The focaccia was really heavy and there wasn’t enough ham and cheese to break it up. The strata was also pretty dry so I wish I had also ordered an ice coffee.

Yellow Peruvian lily centerpiece

Yellow Peruvian lily centerpiece (Alstroemeria sp., Alstroemeriaceae).

Baby octopus – Briscola

Baby octopus - Briscola
With saffron and olive oil. $5
Briscola, Reno NV

I don’t expect baby octopus served in Reno to be the freshest in the world, but these were disgusting! You could definitely feel the defrosted texture of these sad creatures in your mouth. The saffron dipping sauce was also chalky. I’m gonna continue with another complaint of this abominable restaurant – the clueless waiter kept bringing us dishes we didn’t order and ended up charging us anyway. Sheesh!

Focaccia and crudite - Briscola
Focaccia and crudite. Complimentary
The focaccia was undercooked and still doughy in the middle, yuck! The large tomato cans that they use as stands at your table were a tacky touch.

Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa, Adoxaceae)
Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa, Adoxaceae), Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Green squash and olive vegan focaccia – Arizmendi Bakery

Green squash and olive vegan focaccia - Arizmendi Bakery
With onions and poblano peppers. $2.50
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco

The focaccia bread at Arizmendi is delicious! I’ve found the simpler the toppings, the better. I’ve had the ones with tomato sauce and they weren’t as yummy.

Statue of Miguel Hidalgo, Dolores Park
Statue of Miguel Hidalgo (El Grito de Dolores), Dolores Park. It tucked behind a couple tall purple glory bushes (Tibouchina sp., Melastomataceae).

Chicken liver toscana – Mercato

Chicken liver toscana - Mercato
Grilled flatbread, fig marmellata, and arugula salad. $7
Mercato, Charleston SC

This chicken pate is a classic Tuscan dish and Mercato did it justice! It was simply delicious! The fig marmellata provided sweetness and the bright, citrus-y arugula salad helped to cut the heaviness of the chicken liver. Noms!

Warm focaccia and olive oil - Mercato
Warm focaccia and olive oil. Complimentary.

Charleston Harbor
Charleston Harbor. The view would have been perfect if not for the gross plastic bags in the water, lol!