Jalapeno cheese focaccia – Liguria Bakery

Jalapeno cheese foccacia Liguria Bakery

A large slab of addictive focaccia bread topped with jalapenos and cheese. $5
Liguria Bakery, San Francisco

This was the best focaccia I’ve EVER tasted, no joke! It has an amazing texture and it’s SO amazingly buttery. Even though this was my second choice, I’m glad that I ordered the jalapeno cheese flavor. It had a great flavor and had a little bit of heat which I wasn’t expecting from a focaccia!

I’ll still sing the praises of this bread even though my store experience wasn’t all that great. I arrived around 1:15pm on a random Thursday. The old lady at the counter must have been cranky because it was nearing the end of her shift. I patiently wait for her to finish with the customer in front of me, then she glares at me and asks “What do you want!?” I ask for some of the black olive focaccia. She responds, “We’re out” and continues staring at me. I was a bit taken aback, but decide to forge on. I’ve decided that she’s not going to give me any more information so I ask, “Well what do you have left?” She grudgingly tells me and I decide on the jalapeno cheese. Omg, how ruuuuuude! How about some customer service here? I was waiting for her to completely roll her eyes at me as it could’ve happened easily.

Anyway, I get home with the focaccia and I’m blown away! The piece was big enough to into six pieces which I continue to hoard for the next few days. It even tasted great when reheated in the oven! I’ll definitely go back (but when I’m up for that lady’s look of death)!

Jalapeno cheese foccacia Liguria Bakery

They wrap it in butcher paper and tie it up with string. How charming and old school!

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