Goddess salad – Little Star Pizza

Goddess salad - Little Star Pizza
Baby gems with a creamy pesto dressing, topped with chives and toasted almonds.  Small $8
Little Star Pizza, San Francisco CA

I’m not a big salad guy (I like to eat meat), but this goddess salad was delicious. The simple combination of the pesto dressing and toasted almonds on top of the large, crisp gem lettuce was perfect. And the small order was perfect for two people. Yum!

Wyder's pear cider - Little Star Pizza
Wyder’s pear cider. $5

Conk fungus
Conk/polypore fungus (Ganoderma?), Bon Tempe Lake.


Little gem lettuce salad – Incanto

Little gem lettuce salad - Incanto
With lemon-anchovy vinaigrette.
Incanto, San Francisco CA

Sad. This was probably one of the saddest salads I’ve seen in a while. When I chose it, I wasn’t expected a bunch of limp butter lettuce leaves drenched in caesar dressing. Everyone at our table who ordered this asked for some grated parmesan to at least add some texture. This was sad.

Little kid eating his boogers
Little kid eating his boogers on the streetcar. LOL!

Lacinato kale and little gem lettuces – Ragazza

Lacinato kale and little gem lettuces - Ragazza
Salad with avocado, radish, farro and green goddess dressing. Banquet-style dinner
Ragazza, San Francisco CA

I haven’t really gotten into the whole kale salad revolution, but this was delicious! I guess almost anything can taste amazing when tossed in green goddess dressing though, hehe. The addition of farro and avocado was a smart moved!

Aeonium haworthii
Aeonium haworthii ‘Kiwi’ succulent (Crassulaceae), West Field Road.

B.L.O.A.T.T. sandwich – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

B.L.O.A.T.T. sandwich - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Daily’s bacon, sweet gem lettuce, pickled onion, avocado, turkey, vine ripened tomato and house made chips. $12
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

This sandwich tasted great and I really liked the pickled onions. I just wish the turkey was of better quality, but the home made potato chips were amazing! I’d order a bowl of the chips by themselves next time. Unfortuantely, I had to go hunting for our poolside server when we wanted to pay. I walked around everywhere and finally had to clear my check with the manager. What a waste of my time!

Hotel Paradox poolside
Hotel Paradox poolside. Unfortunately, there were SO many screaming kids everywhere! Not my idea of relaxing by the pool.

Little gem salad – Locanda

Little gem salad Locanda

Grilled persimmon, crescenza cheese, pistachio, aperol. $11
Locanda, San Francisco

This was a very nice salad. The ingredients tasted great together, and you can never go wrong with crescenza cheese. The persimmon added a delicious flavor and the pistachio added crunch. Simple and delicious!

Focaccia Locanda

Focaccia bread. Complimentary
Omg, this bread was SO frickin’ buttery and delicious! Even though it was also very salty, I still say “Yes, please!”