Croque madame – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Croque madame - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Smoked ham, gruyere, fried Glaum eggs and mornay sauce served with breakfast potatoes. $15
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

This croque madame tasted ok – nothing special. But I will say that it was HUGE if that turns you on. The ham looked like cheap deli slices so I wish they had used better ingredients. The mornay sauce was on the cheesier side, but the potatoes were great with lots of flavor.

Ketchup - Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Orange-yellow hibiscus flower
Orange-yellow hibiscus flower (Malvaceae), The Mystery Spot.

Crab cake benedict – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Crab cake benedict - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Glaum Ranch poached eggs, dungeness crab and hollandaise with breakfast potatoes. $16
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

This dish was ok. The crab cakes had such a strong Old Bay flavor that they didn’t quite work in a benedict. It ultimately tasted like a crab cake on top of an English muffin with an egg and hollandaise sauce thrown in – not very harmonious.

Coffee - Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Coffee. $3

Mystery Spot holding area
Mystery Spot holding area.

Monterey Bay calamari – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Monterey Bay calamari - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Flash fried, lemon chips and basil. $13
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

These were SO disgusting and I’m annoyed that a restaurant kitchen would actually send these out. The calamari was way overcooked to the point of being hard and super dry. They tasted like they were freezer burned before being fried; they definitely didn’t taste like they were made from fresh squid. This dish was overpriced for such poor quality. LAME!

Mystery Spot car
Car covered in Mystery Spot bumper stickers.

B.L.O.A.T.T. sandwich – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

B.L.O.A.T.T. sandwich - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Daily’s bacon, sweet gem lettuce, pickled onion, avocado, turkey, vine ripened tomato and house made chips. $12
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

This sandwich tasted great and I really liked the pickled onions. I just wish the turkey was of better quality, but the home made potato chips were amazing! I’d order a bowl of the chips by themselves next time. Unfortuantely, I had to go hunting for our poolside server when we wanted to pay. I walked around everywhere and finally had to clear my check with the manager. What a waste of my time!

Hotel Paradox poolside
Hotel Paradox poolside. Unfortunately, there were SO many screaming kids everywhere! Not my idea of relaxing by the pool.

Chilaquiles – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Chilaquiles - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Salsa, tortillas, Rio Zape beans, queso fresco and fried Glaum eggs. $12
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

This dish was lame. The sauce covering the tortilla chips was cold and the tortillas were way too soggy. The Rio Zape beans were bland and boring, and the eggs were overcooked and dry.

Coffee - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Freshly brewed coffee. $3

Mixed redwood forest
Mixed redwood forest at The Mystery Spot.

French toast – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

French toast - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Fresh berries and maple syrup. $10
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

These were just your standard French toast. They tasted fine but they weren’t anything special.

Chicken sausage - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Chicken sausage. $4
These sausages were pretty sad especially when they cost four bucks!

Condiments - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Ketchup, maple syrup and butter.

Soju cocktails – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Soju cocktails - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Santa Cruz 75: bubbles, elderflower and lemon. $8
Bubbly Berry: bubbles, berry, lemon, pomegranate and hibiscus. $8
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

I don’t know why I think that soju cocktails are ever going to please my palate. I always have a false sense of hope that I’ll finally like how they taste. Well, I was wrong yet again! Solaire doesn’t have a proper liquor license so they’re stuck with serving hard liquor replacement cocktails. Both of these were especially sweet and nauseating.

Solaire menu

Solaire menu.

Hotel Paradox pool area
Hotel Paradox pool area.