Monterey Bay calamari – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Monterey Bay calamari - Solaire Restaurant + Bar
Flash fried, lemon chips and basil. $13
Solaire Restaurant + Bar, Santa Cruz CA

These were SO disgusting and I’m annoyed that a restaurant kitchen would actually send these out. The calamari was way overcooked to the point of being hard and super dry. They tasted like they were freezer burned before being fried; they definitely didn’t taste like they were made from fresh squid. This dish was overpriced for such poor quality. LAME!

Mystery Spot car
Car covered in Mystery Spot bumper stickers.

5 thoughts on “Monterey Bay calamari – Solaire Restaurant + Bar

  1. Eesh, those even look rough, Have you ever had Rhode Island style calamari? They put pepperoncinis in with them, Some times it’s pretty good, but sometimes it’s a miss. It all depends on the ingredients!

    • Never had Rhode Island style, but I’ve had those with jalapeños thrown in. Probably a little similar. I also love it when they toss in fried herbs and nicely season everything.

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