Goddess salad – Little Star Pizza

Goddess salad - Little Star Pizza
Baby gems with a creamy pesto dressing, topped with chives and toasted almonds.  Small $8
Little Star Pizza, San Francisco CA

I’m not a big salad guy (I like to eat meat), but this goddess salad was delicious. The simple combination of the pesto dressing and toasted almonds on top of the large, crisp gem lettuce was perfect. And the small order was perfect for two people. Yum!

Wyder's pear cider - Little Star Pizza
Wyder’s pear cider. $5

Conk fungus
Conk/polypore fungus (Ganoderma?), Bon Tempe Lake.

Cheeseburger – America’s Cup 2013

Cheeseburger - America's Cup 2013
What can you say about festival food?! It’s usually overpriced and of poor quality. We attended a music concert at the America’s Cup Pavilion and that’s exactly what we had – an overpriced, soggy burger that I had to wait 10 minutes in line for! I’m still not sure if the patty was 100% beef. It tasted like there could have been pork in there too! Lame. $10
America’s Cup 2013, San Francisco CA

Strongbow hard cider - America's Cup 2013

Strongbow hard cider. $10

Bay Bridge
New eastern span of the Bay Bridge, with the old span to the left.