Lentils, lamb and barramundi – Radio Africa & Kitchen

French green lentils - Radio Africa & Kitchen
French green lentils with spinach and goat cheese. Pre fixe menu
Radio Africa & Kitchen, San Francisco CA

After we saw this plated trio, we knew we were gonna be full! The items were all really different and very tasty. I thought that the column of French green lentils was creative and beautifully presented. The lamb prepared two ways was good, and the barramundi had a nice flavor. Everything was pretty heavy though so we had to pace ourselves. 🙂

Roasted leg of lamb - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Roasted leg of lamb with lamb shoulder alicha, snap peas and couscous.

Wild barramundi - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Wild barramundi with broccoli, wild rice, pomegranate and pistachios.

Vegetarian samusa soup – Burma Superstar

Vegetarian samusa soup - Burma Superstar
“Even though it’s vegetarian, this remains our most popular soup for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Made with samusas, broken up falafels, lentils, cabbage, and onion.” Medium $11.75
Burma Superstar, San Francisco CA

Vegetarian samusa soup - Burma Superstar
This soup was delicious and I loved all the different textures in it! The samusas were good, but I really liked the crunchy bits of falafel in the soup. The broth was super flavorful so I could eat this all day!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

Ginger lemonade - Burma Superstar

Fresh squeezed ginger lemonade. $3.50

Lentil and asparagus soup – The Stockpot

Lentil and asparagus soup - The Stockpot
Set menu £8.20
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

We wanted to try this no frills eatery located across the street from our hotel. The dining room was basic and cozy, and our waiter was very outgoing and confident. The menu was really eclectic and all over the place so it was a bit hard to decide on anything. I’m always wary of restaurants with large menus filled with random items because I feel like they won’t cook any of the dishes REALLY well. In this case of The Stockpot, I was right. All the food we tried was marginal. This soup looked unappetizing and was really bland.

Cuvee Jean Paul house red wine - The Stockpot

Cuvee Jean Paul house red wine. Half bottle £7.50
At least the wine was really affordable!

Soho Square
Soho Square. This is such a cute park and a perfect location to picnic with friends. We met up with an old SF friend who lives in London now, and along with a group of his friends, partied with too many bottles of champagne at this park. It was a blast from what I can remember, lol!

Wood grilled scallops – Bar Jules

Wood grilled scallops - Bar Jules
With braised lentils and breadcrumbs. $17
Bar Jules, San Francisco CA

This was definitely more of a Fall dish and not a Summer one when we had it in late July. When we ordered it, I somehow imagined something a little lighter that was seasonally appropriate. The flavors were deep and earthy, and the scallops were cooked well and had beautiful sear marks. The dish tasted fine, but it was not what we were hoping for.

Chicken tikka masala & lamb curry thali plate – Kasa Indian Eatery

Chicken tikka masala & lamb curry thali plate - Kasa Indian Eatery
Char-grilled and marinated naturally-raised chicken in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce. Saucy grass-fed lamb and potatoes. A homestyle Indian platter with one or two of the dishes listed below, roti (handmade bread), slow-simmered daal (lentils), rice, veggie salad, chutneys and raita (yogurt). $11.95
Kasa Indian Eatery, San Francisco CA

Every once in a while, I crave Indian food from Kasa. I’ve been getting the thali plates recently instead of the roti rolls probably because I’m a pig, lol! I think the chicken tikka masala and lamb curry is my favorite combination because they’re both saucy and perfect for mixing and dipping.

Chicken tikka masala & lamb curry thali plate - Kasa Indian Eatery
March 29, 2014.

Chicken tikka masala & lamb curry thali plate - Kasa Indian Eatery
June 24, 2015. $13.95

White orchid flowers
White orchid flowers (Orchidaceae), Buena Vista.

Kassem’s Plate with chicken – Ali Baba

Kassem's Plate with chicken - Ali Baba
Chicken shawerma with pickled onions and parsley, served with rice and choice of salad. $10.35
Ali Baba, South San Francisco CA

The chicken in this dish was dry, which was an unfortunate theme. I really liked the rice though! It had lentils in it which gave it a great texture. A pretty good value if that’s what you’re looking for.

Yogurt cucumber salatat - Ali Baba
Yogurt cucumber salatat (diced cucumber salad with yogurt and mint). This was pretty tasty, but maybe a little too yogurt-y. It did help balance out the dry chicken though.

Ali Baba street sign

Ali Baba street sign. This is definitely a destination restaurant since there’s not much around it.

Panda "bear" sidewalk stencil
Panda “bear” sidewalk stencil, San Francisco Bay Trail. Aw, isn’t he cute?!