Gyros platter – Ayola

Gyros platter - Ayola
Gyro meat with hummus, tzatziki, and small Greek salad. Served with pita. $10.75
Ayola, San Francisco CA

I can’t stay away from the gyros plate from Ayola. It’s partly because it’s so close to my office, but I love eating the gyro meat with topped with some humms, tzatziki and their hot sauce. Yum!


Plate me – The Flying Falafel

Plate me - The Flying Falafel
Spicy falafel, veggies and hummus, pita. $7.50
The Flying Falafel, San Francisco CA

The falafel tasted fine, but I think mine were a bit over-fried. This plate was huge though and really messy once you mixed everything up. I don’t normally say this, but maybe was too many things in there (especially the pickles which just took over on flavor). I’d go back but probably get the more manageable sandwich.

Gyro – Ayola

Gyro - Ayola
Lamb and beef gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, tzatziki sauce. 9 inch $8.95
Ayola, San Francisco CA

It’s been a while since I last had a gyro from Ayola. I usually stick with they gyro platter since I’m always hungry and it provides more food. This was good though and I liked the price. Their “hot” sauce is still my favorite in the FiDi.