Sauteed feta calamari – Lark

Sauteed feta calamari - Lark
Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, olive and fresh herbs in pepperoncini sauce. $13
Lark, San Francisco CA

This dish was just as tasty this time around. The calamari rings appeared to me larger this time, but I thought they tasted great and were easy to chew.


Fusilli with basil-walnut pesto – Rose’s Luxury

Golden raisins, basil. $14
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

It’s cool that a simple ingredient like golden raisins can totally change the game for a pasta dish like this. That simple addition enlivened this dish and made it interesting and new. Very cool…

Rickey #7 cocktail - Rose's Luxury
Rickey #7: bourbon, ginger, lychee, Korean mint, soda, lime. $11

Marvin Gaye mural, Shaw
Marvin Gaye mural, Shaw.

Jerk chicken – Rose’s Luxury

Jerk chicken - Rose's Luxury
Pickled mango raita, green papaya salad. $14
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

The chicken was good and the jerk was flavorful, but it was the other components that really made the dish. I really enjoyed the raita and papaya salad. I thought the portions was a bit small for the price.

Biscuit squares - Rose's Luxury
Biscuit squares with shallot butter and onion ash. Complimentary
I would have paid for these, they were so good! NOMS!

Washington Monument
Washington Monument.