Foie gras french toast – Rose’s Luxury

Foie gras french toast - Rose's Luxury
Cinnamon toast ice cream. $15
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

Wow, for me this is the perfect dessert. It’s combination of sweet and salty, warm and cold, crunchy and smooth. And it has frickin’ foie gras, lol! This was absolutely delicious and I really want another plate right now! NOMS!

Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Smoked celery root mascarpone – Rose’s Luxury

Smoked celery root mascarpone - Rose's Luxury
Chamomile honey ice and brown butter, walnut crumble. $9
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

This wasn’t my favorite dessert, but I appreciated the creativity and combination of interesting flavors and techniques. The mascarpone was very tasty indeed.

The Star Spangled Banner
The Star Spangled Banner, National Museum of American History.

Smoked brisket – Rose’s Luxury

Smoked brisket - Rose's Luxury
White bread, horseradish and slaw. $28
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

Omg, shut the front door! This brisket was frickin’ delicious! The was smokey and fatty and  I didn’t want to stop eating it. It is served family style and I will say for $28 there was plenty to feed the four of us. I still have visions of this brisket and wonder when I can have it once more…

DC sunset
DC sunset.

Fusilli with basil-walnut pesto – Rose’s Luxury

Golden raisins, basil. $14
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

It’s cool that a simple ingredient like golden raisins can totally change the game for a pasta dish like this. That simple addition enlivened this dish and made it interesting and new. Very cool…

Rickey #7 cocktail - Rose's Luxury
Rickey #7: bourbon, ginger, lychee, Korean mint, soda, lime. $11

Marvin Gaye mural, Shaw
Marvin Gaye mural, Shaw.

Jerk chicken – Rose’s Luxury

Jerk chicken - Rose's Luxury
Pickled mango raita, green papaya salad. $14
Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC

The chicken was good and the jerk was flavorful, but it was the other components that really made the dish. I really enjoyed the raita and papaya salad. I thought the portions was a bit small for the price.

Biscuit squares - Rose's Luxury
Biscuit squares with shallot butter and onion ash. Complimentary
I would have paid for these, they were so good! NOMS!

Washington Monument
Washington Monument.