Fried eggs with oxtails – Bar Jules

Fried eggs with oxtails - Bar Jules
Shelling beans, cherry tomato, eggplant, tomatillo salsa, toast. $16
Bar Jules, San Francisco CA

Mmm, the eggs and oxtails were delicious! I loved the rich flavor of the fatty oxtail and who doesn’t love runny sunny-side-up eggs?! I did feel that the shelling beans were random as were the undercooked eggplant slices underneath.

Wood grilled scallops – Bar Jules

Wood grilled scallops - Bar Jules
With braised lentils and breadcrumbs. $17
Bar Jules, San Francisco CA

This was definitely more of a Fall dish and not a Summer one when we had it in late July. When we ordered it, I somehow imagined something a little lighter that was seasonally appropriate. The flavors were deep and earthy, and the scallops were cooked well and had beautiful sear marks. The dish tasted fine, but it was not what we were hoping for.

Prosecco and strawberry – Bar Jules

Prosecco and strawberry - Bar Jules

Breakfast cocktail with fresh strawberry puree. $12
Bar Jules, San Francisco CA

This was just ok tasting. I thought it would be a little sweeter because I assumed the strawberries used in the puree were gonna be super ripe, but this cocktail was pretty sour. And at twelve bucks a pop, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed.