Long cooked pork – Nopa

Long cooked pork - Nopa
Fresh shelling beans, roasted corn, tomato confit and skillet bread. $15
Nopa, San Francisco CA

This was a very hearty, filling dish and it was tasty! It would be great as a hangover cure, lol. I could easily see this served as a lunch or dinner item too. All the ingredients were delicious and the pork was tender and flavorful. There could have been more of it though. The portion was a bit on the small side.

Blooming aloe

Blooming aloe, West Field Road.


Fried eggs with oxtails – Bar Jules

Fried eggs with oxtails - Bar Jules
Shelling beans, cherry tomato, eggplant, tomatillo salsa, toast. $16
Bar Jules, San Francisco CA

Mmm, the eggs and oxtails were delicious! I loved the rich flavor of the fatty oxtail and who doesn’t love runny sunny-side-up eggs?! I did feel that the shelling beans were random as were the undercooked eggplant slices underneath.

Blue shrimp – Jardiniere

Blue shrimp - Jardiniere
Corn, shelling bean, purslane. Tasting menu $140
Jardiniere, San Francisco CA

Mmm, the shrimp in this dish were delicious and perfectly cooked. I was afraid that the purslane leaves were going to be too slimey, but they actually weren’t bad. There were also sesame seeds and some other hard, crunchy seed(?) which I didn’t really like.

Gougeres - Jardiniere
Gougeres. Compimentary
Absolutely scrumptions – I love gougeres, NOMS!

America's Cup Pavilion
America’s Cup Pavilion, Pier 27.