Lamb keema omelet – Dosa

Project 365: Day 118

Wow, morning traffic in London is crazy! It took us a while to get to London Heathrow Airport with D driving. It seemed like got on 10 different highways and all of them crammed with cars. I was super tired so I kept falling in and out of sleep.

The direct flight back to San Francisco wasn’t too bad although Hubbs and I were in different rows. He sat directly in front of me. I had this annoying Russian girl beside me and a pleasant older couple on the other side. I ended up watching 3 movies and trying to nap a little bit.

Now I’m back in my sunny apartment and SO excited to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I have to head into work tomorrow but that doesn’t seem to bad right now. David and I are having a Cinco de Sonoma weekend so I’ve got something to look forward to, yay!

Lamb keema omelet Dosa
South India omelet filled with minced lamb, peas and diced potatoes. Served with coconut and tomato chutney, sambar (a lentil dipping soup made with vegetables and spices), masala (a traditional filling of spiced mashed potatoes), and salad. $12
Dosa, San Francisco CA

I came here alone for brunch and totally over-ordered. I had this and a paper masala dosa – way too much food! This omelet was really good though! It had a soft texture and the filling was absolutely delicious. I also love all the extra sauces and toppings.

The Mint Karaoke Lounge, Market Street
The Mint Karaoke Lounge, Market Street. I love this karaoke bar! I’m not a big singer – CORRECTION: I love to sing but don’t have the most melodious voice (hehe). This is a great place to start or end an evening out with a group of friends. Beware of the professional karaoke folk, but I guess you’ll find some at every karaoke joint.

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