Cod and mushroom risotto – The Stockpot

Cod and mushroom risotto - The Stockpot
Arborio rice, cream, cheese, cod and mushrooms. £6.50
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

Damn it! Unfortunately, The Stockpot failed to make a decent risotto; and I love risotto! This dish was WAY too salty and really fishy tasting (in a bad way). I liked the initial texture because it was creamy and the rice still had a nice firmness. But after a few minutes, the sauce seized up and quickly became too thick and gloppy. I’ve learned after-the-fact that this place is a local institution, but usually institutions are known for making at least something really well. All the dishes we tried were marginal and lackluster. 😦

St. James Park
Tulips and primroses at St. James Park. Here’s some beautiful flowers to brighten up this dreary food post.

Chicken curry madras – The Stockpot

Chicken curry madras - The Stockpot
Chicken and mixed vegetable curry over rice, served with chips, carrots and cabbage. Set menu £8.20
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

Ugh, you call this curry! I was really disappointed in this dish because I know that London has amazing curry, but I guess I ordered it in the wrong place. Shame on me. This madras curry was really sad and didn’t have any of the authentic flavors I was looking for. The fries were good though, thank goodness for that!

Tower Bridge decoration
Decorative side fence railing, Tower Bridge.

Spicy chicken wings – The Stockpot

Spicy chicken wings - The Stockpot
Braised chicken wings served with a side salad. £3.30
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

As an American, whenever I see “spicy chicken wings” on a menu, I automatically assume that they’re going to be deep fried and unhealthy, and super delicious! This dish was neither deep fried nor delicious, but I’m sure it was still unhealthy, lol. The chicken wings were hard and of poor quality and the braising liquid (sauce) wasn’t spicy at all. I was surprised at how much you got for the low cost though.

Random parade procession
Random parade procession along Birdcage Walk.

Lentil and asparagus soup – The Stockpot

Lentil and asparagus soup - The Stockpot
Set menu £8.20
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

We wanted to try this no frills eatery located across the street from our hotel. The dining room was basic and cozy, and our waiter was very outgoing and confident. The menu was really eclectic and all over the place so it was a bit hard to decide on anything. I’m always wary of restaurants with large menus filled with random items because I feel like they won’t cook any of the dishes REALLY well. In this case of The Stockpot, I was right. All the food we tried was marginal. This soup looked unappetizing and was really bland.

Cuvee Jean Paul house red wine - The Stockpot

Cuvee Jean Paul house red wine. Half bottle £7.50
At least the wine was really affordable!

Soho Square
Soho Square. This is such a cute park and a perfect location to picnic with friends. We met up with an old SF friend who lives in London now, and along with a group of his friends, partied with too many bottles of champagne at this park. It was a blast from what I can remember, lol!