Bacalaitos – La Isla Cuisine

Bacalaitos - La Isla Cuisine
Cod fish fritters, deep fried and served with ajili mojili sauce. Happy hour $4
La Isla Cuisine, Seattle WA

Meh. I didn’t particularly like these. They were thin and dry. I thought they were going to be thicker and moist, with visible pieces of cod. Well, now I know.

Reflective building, Belltown
Reflective building, Belltown.

Cod and mushroom risotto – The Stockpot

Cod and mushroom risotto - The Stockpot
Arborio rice, cream, cheese, cod and mushrooms. £6.50
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

Damn it! Unfortunately, The Stockpot failed to make a decent risotto; and I love risotto! This dish was WAY too salty and really fishy tasting (in a bad way). I liked the initial texture because it was creamy and the rice still had a nice firmness. But after a few minutes, the sauce seized up and quickly became too thick and gloppy. I’ve learned after-the-fact that this place is a local institution, but usually institutions are known for making at least something really well. All the dishes we tried were marginal and lackluster. 😦

St. James Park
Tulips and primroses at St. James Park. Here’s some beautiful flowers to brighten up this dreary food post.

Fish tacos – El Chupacabra

Fish tacos - El Chupacabra
Beer battered cod, cabbage, white sauce and pico. 3 on soft white corn tortillas served with tortilla chips and limes. $6.99
El Chupacabra, Seattle WA

These tacos were a little sad, so that’s why I’m glad they were only $6.99. The fried fish didn’t taste so fresh and the corn tortillas were cold and limp. The white sauce wasn’t even white! As elusive as a chupacabra, so was the pressence of a decent fish taco!

Salsas - El Chupacabra

Different salsas at the table (you’ll need them!).

Paper lanterns
Paper lanterns above the bar.

Bajan fish balls – Waterfront Cafe

Bajan fish balls Waterfront Cafe
Salted cod, potato and fresh herbs deep-fried golden with aioli dipping sauce. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

These were very good! The fish balls were warm and flavorful, and even better dipped in the aioli. The appetizer sampler definitely had a lot of fried items, but who cares!? We’re on vacation, right!

Waterfront Cafe boardwalk
This was the view from our boardwalk table at the Waterfront Cafe. The restaurant is ideally situated along the Constitution River beside these parked fishing boats. Super convenient, and awesome food and drinks!