Flying fish and cou cou – Waterfront Cafe

Flying fish and cou cou Waterfront Cafe
Three fillets of fish steamed in a Caribbean fish broth. Served with cornmeal cou cou, fried plantain, and pickled cucumber. $48 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

The extras were better than the fish, lol! But you really can’t complain about pickled cucumbers and fried plantains. The flying fish, on the other hand, had a really strong fishy taste – not my thing. Great presentation though.

Independence Arch
Independence Arch at the end of the historic Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown. At the base of this colorful arch, there is The Pledge which reads, “I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag to uphold and defend their honour and by my living to do credit to my nation wherever I go.” Pretty cool stuff.

Caribbean crab cake – Waterfront Cafe

Caribbean crab cake Waterfront Cafe
Blended with potato and herbs, lightly crisped on the griddle with creamy horseradish sauce. $30 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

Simple, tender, and tasty! I think this was the first time I’ve had a crab cake paired with a horseradish sauce, but it totally worked.

St. John's Church cemetery
Cemetery behind St. John’s Church. I don’t know who first decided to plant Plumeria trees in tropical cemeteries, but I think they’re a perfect choice! These deciduous trees look sad and creepy when bare, but provide vibrancy and color when in bloom.

Cornmeal cou cou – Waterfront Cafe

Cornmeal cou cou Waterfront Cafe
Scoop of ground cornmeal with sliced okra mixed inside and topped with a Caribbean fish broth with tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, peppers, and herbs.
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

Angela, our cab driver, suggested we try this local dish “cou cou”. It’s ground cornmeal cooked with what I’m sure is a LOT of butter, broth, and spices. This version also had slices of okra in it. It was pretty good, but the okra pieces were a bit slimey for my taste. The broth/sauce was very comforting.

Turnera ulmifolia
The first part of the day was off-and-on rain, but it didn’t detract from the beauty of the island and it’s lush greenery. This yellow alder or buttercup bush (Turnera ulmifolia) was prevalently planted, I’m sure for its vibrant yellow blooms. I was surprised to find out that it belongs to the Passifloraceae family.

Bajan fish balls – Waterfront Cafe

Bajan fish balls Waterfront Cafe
Salted cod, potato and fresh herbs deep-fried golden with aioli dipping sauce. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

These were very good! The fish balls were warm and flavorful, and even better dipped in the aioli. The appetizer sampler definitely had a lot of fried items, but who cares!? We’re on vacation, right!

Waterfront Cafe boardwalk
This was the view from our boardwalk table at the Waterfront Cafe. The restaurant is ideally situated along the Constitution River beside these parked fishing boats. Super convenient, and awesome food and drinks!

Braised pulled pork – Waterfront Cafe

Braised pulled pork Waterfront Cafe
Pork meat and skin with okra cooked in a rich sauce, served with baguette slices. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

Wow, this was pretty greasy. It was definitely packed with flavor, but the slabs on fatty skin in this stew-like dish gave off way too much fat.

St. John's Church ironwork
Beautiful painted ironwork inside St. John’s Church. This amazing old church is located on the eastern side of the island atop a cliff overlooking the nearby shoreline. Highly recommended to visit.

Bul jol spread – Waterfront Cafe

Bul jol spread Waterfront Cafe

Classic salted codfish salad, blended with lime, oil and fresh thyme. Served with baguette slices. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

This wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t bad tasting, but salted codfish is definitely an acquired taste. I did enjoy the light airy texture of the spread.

Royal Clipper
This was a pretty cool looking 5-masted ship called the Royal Clipper docked at the cruise ship terminal.

Sea island shrimp & Plantation pork – Waterfront Cafe

Sea island shrimp & Plantation pork
Cajun spiced and char-grilled shrimp with a ginger soy glaze. Ripe plantain stuffed with ground pork, capers and herbs, deep-fried and served with a tomato salsa. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

Plantation pork Waterfront Cafe
Mmm, this was very good! The shrimp was surprisingly tender even with that amount of char on the outside. The fried pork balls were different, but very yummy. I don’t think I’ve even had something like it before. Both items were packed with flavor.

Captain Thomas Henry Sealy grave
Looking down in the grave of Captain Thomas Henry Sealy, located at the cemetery at St. John’s Church. Our taxi driver tour guide told us that we wanted to be buried standing up and facing the sea so he could remain on the lookout for approaching enemy ships. What a diva, lol!