Cod and mushroom risotto – The Stockpot

Cod and mushroom risotto - The Stockpot
Arborio rice, cream, cheese, cod and mushrooms. £6.50
The Stockpot, London ENGLAND

Damn it! Unfortunately, The Stockpot failed to make a decent risotto; and I love risotto! This dish was WAY too salty and really fishy tasting (in a bad way). I liked the initial texture because it was creamy and the rice still had a nice firmness. But after a few minutes, the sauce seized up and quickly became too thick and gloppy. I’ve learned after-the-fact that this place is a local institution, but usually institutions are known for making at least something really well. All the dishes we tried were marginal and lackluster. 😦

St. James Park
Tulips and primroses at St. James Park. Here’s some beautiful flowers to brighten up this dreary food post.


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