Scrambled eggs and bacon – Patisserie Valerie

Scrambled eggs and bacon - Patisserie Valerie
Two eggs with bacon on granary toast. £6.70
Patisserie Valerie, London ENGLAND

The scrambled eggs tasted better than most of the scrambles I’ve had in Europe, but it was still that weird crumbly, somehow boiled kind of scramble that I’m not used to. Who knew there were so many ways to make basic scrambled eggs? 🙂 The bacon was tasty and I’m a fan of granary bread now! I’d never had this kind of bread before as far as I know, but I liked the light airy texture of it.

Lescure French unsalted butter
Lescure French unsalted butter. I thought these were cute.

Patisserie Valerie napkin

Patisserie Valerie napkin. Ooh, naughty!

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral west front with a statue of Queen Anne in the foreground.

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